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Dynamic Sister Trio Triple Charm Take Gen Z by Storm

Dynamic Sister Trio Triple Charm Take Gen Z by Storm

ouch magazine x triple charm



Can you describe each of your persona's!

Amalia: Hi everyone! I’m Amalia, the oldest sister and member of Triple Charm. We all three sing, dance, create content and write and release music together. Even though we are sisters, we each have very different personalities and unique aspects about us that we bring into Triple Charm. Out of the three of us, I would say I’m the most playful and silly. On and off camera I love to laugh and crack a few jokes!


Raena: I’m Raena and I am the middle sister and member of Triple Charm! I am super passionate and adventurous! I’m also the most detail-oriented. We each have different roles within Triple Charm when it comes to creating content, and since I’m the most meticulous, I’m in charge of editing all of our videos!



Gabriella: My name’s Gabriella and I’m the youngest sister and member of Triple Charm. I would say that I am easygoing and creative. I absolutely love fashion and drawing! I like to help create our coordinating outfits and customize them with some extra accessories or with my sewing machine!


Who would you say is the most outgoing of the trio?

Raena: I would say Amalia is the most outgoing out of all three of us. We all love meeting new people but she is definitely the most extroverted!


Do you consider yourselves influencers or pop singers or both?

Amalia: I would consider us both influencers and pop singers! When we first formed Triple Charm our main goal was to spread positivity. The best way we knew how to do this was through music and performing, because we’ve done it our whole lives.The reason we initially started social media was to build an audience for our music, but over the past three years, it has grown into something bigger than we could’ve imagined! Writing and releasing music is a major part of what we do and now creating content on social media is too!


What's your favorite song you have written together and why?

Gabriella: “Thrive” would have to be my favorite song that we’ve written together! We wrote it as a letter to our younger selves about what we would’ve wanted to hear when we first started Triple Charm full-time. It’s all about making a commitment to yourself to live life to the fullest, and reach your full potential. This message is so important to me, and “Thrive” has such a special place in my heart because of it. The whole process of writing, recording, filming the music video and releasing “Thrive” was so much fun and definitely unforgettable!


How can your fans follow and support you via social media?

Raena: Thanks so much for having us! If you want to follow along on our journey and see what we have coming next, you can follow us on Instagram @itstriplecharm and @TripleCharm on YouTube! Remember you’re amazing!



How would you describe "Triple Charms" music style?

Amalia: Overall, our music is pop, upbeat, and danceable. With each song we write, we like to explore different sub genres to see what we gravitate to and also what our audience likes most! For example, “Summer Again” has a lot of 90s influence, while “Don’t Need a Reason” has a Latin twist!


What's your top 5 musical inspirations and why?

Raena: There are so many amazing artists out there and I feel like there is

something to learn from everyone! I would say our


Top 5 musical inspirations are

Blackpink, Meghan Trainor, Christina Aguilera, Camilla Cabello and Little Mix.

There is a different element of each of these five artists that we are really inspired by, like,Christina Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals, and Blackpink’s incorporation of dance into their videos and performances!


Who would you love to work with in collaborations in the future?

Gabriella: I would love to work with Meghan Trainor one day! She is an amazing songwriter and started making music at a young age, so I feel like I could learn so much from her!


What projects do you have lined up for 2023 that your fans should mark down?

Amalia: We are so excited for what we have coming in 2023!

Definitely be on the lookout for new music. We just finished recording a song in the studio, so you can expect something soon! We are also having our first ever live pop-up concert at The Abbey in Orlando, Florida. It is going to be May 13th, and tickets are available now! We can’t wait to see you all there!


May 25, 2024

hi triple charm I love your vids and it’s very inspiring please tag me in you’re next vid I have been watching your vids for awhile love you

Fernanda Rachel
May 25, 2024

i love you all , i also have 3 sisters


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