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Netflix's "Break Point" Star  Ayan Broomfield WAG on the Pro-Tennis Circuit

Netflix's "Break Point" Star Ayan Broomfield WAG on the Pro-Tennis Circuit

Photographer Leeky Porter

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of being a role model for young athletes, particularly young women?

I think for me, it would be seeing young athletes, especially young women just try new things. I know that when I was growing up, my biggest fear was failure, and that fear almost stopped me from experiencing life. I was able to overcome that fear and put myself out there to be able to try so many different things. It definitely warms my heart when young athletes say that they try something new because they’ve seen me do it, or tried something new, because I’ve inspired them to do so.


With your busy schedule, how do you prioritize self-care and ensure that you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

At the end of the day I’ve just realized that you can’t be your best for anyone else. If you’re not the best for yourself. Self-care comes first and it needs to be an absolute priority. Regardless of where I am, I try my best to stick to my routine, so that I feel ready for my days. Whether that be a morning run, a core session, or quick core session, or even just a “positive affirmation walk” to start my day off, right.


As someone who has traveled extensively for tournaments, what are some of the most memorable destinations you've visited?

I think it’s interesting when people ask me about my travel, because While traveling for tennis tournaments, unfortunately, you aren’t able to see very much at all. A lot of the times you are arriving last minute and have to play within the next few days of arrival and do you spend your time prepping for your match. Or your tournament is over and you have to find the fastest and quickest flight out of the destination to get to your next tournament. With that being said recently, I’ve been trying my best to make the most of every trip, and at least try and learn a little bit more about the cities, culture, food, and people. All in all, my Trip to Tokyo Japan would probably be my most memorable, because I just remember feeling like I was in a completely different world. Everything just made sense. The technology was so advanced, the food was amazing, and everyone was extremely kind.


What was it like working with Venus Williams to ensure your portrayal in "King Richard" was authentic? Can you share any memorable moments from that experience?

Working on the set of King, Richard was a remarkable experience. Not only because it was such a huge production, but because of the impact full story that was being told. Growing up, I idolized Serena and Venus and my father emulated the coaching style of Richard Williams. My father coached my sister and I as well when we were younger so to be able to portray Venus Williams in the movie was kind of a full circle moment for me. My most memorable moment from shooting as Venus onset was definitely being able to witness Will Smith, get into character with the snap of a finger. It was absolutely amazing to see his professionalism and skill onset.


The Ayan Broomfield Foundation aims to provide tennis athletic wear and equipment to underprivileged youth. What inspired you to start this initiative, and what impact do you hope to achieve?

Although Tennis is a very expensive sport, my family did not come from wealth. I don’t think that I ever truly fit in with the other kids that I was playing with because a lot of my own clothing and equipment were hand me downs from my sister. I remembered feeling less than going to practice knowing that all of the other children in my group were very well off. One thing my mother always told me was that sports are not about what you look like or what you have. Sports are about hard work and determination. She was absolutely right and I remembered those words every time I stepped out on court. With that being, I still remember the insecurity I felt as that little girl. Now that I am in a different position, I owe it to my younger self to help. Tennis is a very expensive sport, and it requires a lot so The Ayan Broomfield foundation works with brands to provide equipment, clothing, and products to those who need them most. The foundation aims to help young children feel their best and I hope that I can continue to expand and help as many as possible.



Can you tell us about your collaboration with Rally4Ever in Melbourne and how it contributed to your foundation's mission?

Raleigh forever was a nonprofit that I noticed doing amazing work in Melbourne. I met with their CEO Louise, plumbing and one of the things that she mentioned was that she was struggling with getting clothing for some of the children that she had in her program. As my foundations goal is to help merge Companies and brands with these local programs, Melbourne was the first place that I was able to successfully do that. I worked with nike to donate all of their extra clothing from the Australian Open to Rally4ever. A lot of the bigger brands will bring a bunch of clothing and kits for the players to wear at the grand slams. There are often times where there are excess amounts of clothing that is not used, and I was extremely happy and grateful that they were willing to donate it to such an amazing organization.

With the growth of your platform, do you feel a sense of responsibility to advocate for social causes or raise awareness about important issues? If so, which causes are particularly close to your heart?

I absolutely think that I have a responsibility to advocate for social causes and raise awareness because the only reason why I am even in the place that I am in today, is because of this sport of tennis, and the people that have helped me along the way. People always ask me my “why” in terms of my reasoning for taking an interest in growing my social media as an influencer/content, creator, and my answer is always the same. The bigger my platform, the more people I can help. The more brand deals that I get, the more brands that are able to sponsor and donate to the foundation.


As Frances' partner, what do you admire most about his dedication, resilience, and approach to his career?

Frances inspires me every single day. he is one of those rare and special individuals that see the light in every situation, and he is just a joy to be around. He is so uplifting, so positive, and so supportive. I think the aspect that I admire the most about him in terms of his career is just the joy that he has for the sport. Even in the darkest moments, result wise, he still finds the silver lining and uses that positivity to get himself back to the top of his game.



What advice would you give to other individuals in similar positions, balancing their own careers and identities while supporting their partners in the spotlight of professional sports?

Nobody else is you. My advice would be to focus on being the best version of yourself. I think the best relationships are two individuals that have committed to bettering themselves in every way possible, and then sharing themselves with the other person. Of course, you want to be there for your partner and support them in anyway possible, but I believe that maintaining your own self worth and integrity is pivotal to a long, lasting, healthy and successful relationship.


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