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Emma Dumont: A Rising Star

Emma Dumont: A Rising Star










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Interview & Styled by Rhonda McKnight 
Make-Up artist: Hayden Tee
Hair: Mann Nance







Actress Emma Dumont covered ouch! magazine


1. What is your nationality? Where did you grow up?

I'm American and I grew up in rainy Seattle, WA.

2. Where do you enjoy the most out of all your travels?

I would have to say my favorite place I've traveled so far is Hong Kong. It's an amazing city that is super easy to live in. Everyone is so friendly and there are lots to do.

3. What movie would you like to star in if there were a re-make?

I would love to star in the 1966 Hayley Mills' film The Trouble With Angels. It's a cute tale of two Catholic boarding school girls who get into lots of mischiefs when they are transferred from their liberal private schools. Mills plays a spitfire, rebellious student and Rosalind Russell play her strong-willed, stubborn and loving mother superior.


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4. Who was your idol or inspiration growing up?

Growing up I loved musical theater and there was always one leading lady I looked up to, Sutton Foster. She was tall (like me), leggy and had great fan kicks. Not to mention an amazing belt. In 2011 I was cast in a television show called Bun-heads and worked with Sutton for a year and a half. She is so sweet, talented and she is a true professional. I looked up to her as a kid and still look up to her now.



5. How did you get started in acting, dancing and ha, ha skating?

I grew up dancing from the time I was very little and I was fortunate that in my hometown Seattle there was an amazing art and theater culture. There were so many opportunities, so dance turned into theater and theater turned into a film. I started skating when I moved to California. Before that I couldn't skate to save my life, it was dangerous. I would always be the girl you couldn't even stand in her skates. Boy did that change. I saw the movie Whip It and read the book it was based on and I was hooked. Roller Derby took over my life and I still love it today.

6. What are 5 things readers wouldn’t know about you that only your close friend know?

 I drink everything out of mugs. I love mugs. They're easy to carry. # When I was younger, and still a little now, I wanted to be a professional/competitive eater. I've always excelled at eating. # My main interest outside of work in robotics. I'm on a robotics team that builds a six-foot robot to perform different sports every year. # I've played violin and viola since I was four and I love classical music. I own a 5 string electric viola. # I used to be in a KC and the Sunshine Band cover band.


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7. Any Hollywood crush?

Name names... lol If Big Bang Theory character Sheldon Cooper

was real. I think I would definitely have to make a move on him. I like the nerdy type.

8. Let us know what projects you are working on for 2014?

In 2014 I can be seen in an episode of Mind Games, a new ABC show starring Steve Zahn and Christian Slater. I also have a cool film written and directed by Tara Miele coming out. It's called Thinspiration and I play a dancer and best friend of a girl who struggles with an eating disorder.

9. How can fans reach out to you? I'm on Twitter and Instagram. @EmmaDumont

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