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Actor Sterling Beaumon x Ouch Magazine

Actor Sterling Beaumon x Ouch Magazine



Photographer: Ryan K. Orange @ryanunderfire

Groomer: Erik Torppe @ErikTorppe

Fashion Stylist:  Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

How long have you been an actor? 
I've been an actor for my entire life. I started with baby modeling and that blossomed into commercials and TV. Then came movies and bigger roles. When I was invited back on LOST, it became a Carrier. 

What's the difference between being a Broadway actor and a tv/movie actor? Which do you prefer?
Yes, stage and screen are two very different beasts. There is nothing like the stage. The rush you get knowing there is only one shot and all these hundreds of people are sitting right in front of you watching. But usually, that pressure makes me thrive. Whereas filming a movie or TV show you can trick your mind and really be 100% emerged in a role and time because it's a bit easier to pretend that the fourth wall is there.

Tell us more about your new role on NBC series "Law & Order: True Crime-the Menendez Murders”. 
Law & Order: True Crime The Menendez Murders is premiering on NBC this fall, Sept. 26th at 10 pm. The 8-episode series will follow the infamous case of Lyle and Erik Menendez, brothers who were convicted in 1996 of murdering their parents. In the vein of Ryan Murphy’s OJ series, the show is already getting Emmy buzz for next year! I will be playing Glenn Stevens, Lyle's best friend from Princeton, a College Hockey Player. Having Lyle's longtime friend, He became Lyle's business partner after the murders and is with Lyle during most key moments leading up to his arrest. He also played a big role in the court trials. Edie Falco stars as Defense attorney, Leslie Abramson.


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How did you prepare for this role?
I watched over 30 hours of documentary footage on the brothers, read every articulate I could find, and did as much personal research into Glenn Himself. What's most interesting about Glenn is at first he's so desperate to be famous of the case it almost works against him. 

What inspires you in life?
So many things, my mom, my girlfriend, but also see what everyone else around my age is achieving and I want to be in on that! 

Where do you call home?
Los Angeles 


What do you think of social media and celebrities sharing? Is this helpful or annoying?
It can be both. Everyone uses social media differently. To me it's a place to be artistic and share the things going on with me and that I like and find inspiring! 

What would be your ideal role to play in a movie?
Too many different types of people I wanna play to pick one. But it def on the list sooner than later to be in an amazing hockey drama! 

Single or Dating? What do you find attractive in people?
Dating. And so happy! My girlfriend is also an actress her name is Niki Koss. Her show with Bella Thorne on Freeform "Famous in Love" just got picked up for a season 2! So excited for her! 

What's your day to day routine on an off day?
Gym, Read, Emails, Prep for next scenes/auditions, and finish the night with an inspiring film! 

What can we look forward to you in 2019?
An indie I did call spinning man comes out next year. And I'm sure I'll have all sorts of fun new stuff to share with you guys soon! 

Where can fans reach out to you?


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