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Making Waves with  Artist Beau Dunn

Making Waves with Artist Beau Dunn

Photographer: Anais Ganouna @anaisganouna 
 Interview @ouchmagazine
What's the inspiration behind your shop (  collections
that you offer exclusively online?
Beau’s Babes was inspired by my bachelorette trip to New Zealand. I came up with the idea to gift my bridesmaid's denim jackets with their names embroidered on the back. I was looking for something we could all wear together and the basic tiaras and sashes available were just not doing it for me. It was such a hit with my friends that I decided to create my own label. With Beau’s Babes, you can custom embroidered names and sayings on denim jackets, sweatshirts, and accessories. You can even get matching sets for kids and pets!
How much has Art & Fashion inspired your lifestyle?
I live for art and fashion! I love to create and collect art. Fashion is an expression of my personality, so lots of pinks!
 Who is your favorite artist and why?
It’s hard to choose! I personally own over 20 different artworks. My dream acquisition would be the Damien Hirst “In Love” pink heart.
What do you think your artwork says to people?
I try not to define what my art says to people. I want my art to speak for itself. I hope that it makes people happy. 
 How did you get started in art and fashion?
Which one comes more naturally?
My parents filled our house with art and I quickly developed a taste for it. I grew up in Beverly Hills where people are known for their style, so fashion also came pretty naturally. When I became a Ford model out of high school I was able to take my love of fashion to another level.
 What's next for this year?
I'm currently dividing my time between overseeing Beau’s Babes and continuing my artwork. I’m working on my next solo show which I'm hoping will be in September in Europe. 
 How can fans reach out to you?
I love Instagram, so the easiest way to keep up with me is to follow my accounts. @BeauDunn, @BeausBabes, and @beaudunnart. 
Does your personality read comments?
I do, and they usually brighten up my day! My friends and I are big on supporting each other, even if that just means hitting the like button and leaving a heart in the comments. It reminds us were cheering one another on:) 

Do you have any other hidden talents that we may see later?
Definitely! I believe I’m capable of whatever I set out to achieve!
 Thank you for your time and do you have any last words?
I’m a strong believer in giving back to the community. I work closely with The Art of Elysium, an LA-based non-profit organization whose mission is to empower artists and communities in need to join together and emotionally triumph over their circumstances through art. I recently found out that they are awarding me with the 2019 Spirit of Elysium award with next year's HEAVEN experience honoring my dedication to the organization. It’s an extreme honor given that I’m one of the few contemporary artists to receive the Spirit of Elysium award. People can go to to learn more about how to get involved. Xx

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