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Actress Saniyya Sidney “Ones to Watch under 21 issue"

Actress Saniyya Sidney “Ones to Watch under 21 issue"


Actress Saniyya Sidney “Ones to Watch under 21 issue"/ouch magazine

Photographer: Lee Clower

1. How does it feel to be in Hollywood now as a young black actress?  

I feel honored to be part of an industry that is always changing and giving young girls that look like me an opportunity to show their talent. That has not always been the case. It is important for girls of all ages and races feel included by being represented in movies and television. I'm glad I am part of that change that is taking place.



2. Who are some of the actors you look up too in your own age and older? 

 I've always looked up to Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Will Smith, and Denzel Washington.  

 Actress Saniyya Sidney “Ones to Watch under 21 issue"/1


3. What age did you start acting? Can you dance and sing as well?   

I started training in acting & dance since I was 5. And I love to sing!


4. What is your day to day like? Waking up to Sleep. 

Right now it is summer for me, so I typically get to sleep in a bit. Wake up and take care of my dog's Biscuit (Morkie) and Leo (Beagle). If there is a script to read or prepare for, I'll take some time to work on it. Make sure that I am understanding what is needed for my scenes. Grab some lunch, something that typically has lots of cheese. If I need to read or work some more, I'll do that, but if not, it's Netflix time or heading out to the park to hang with some friends. If I have an acting class that day, we'll head into the city for that, if not, I'll have dinner with my family and get ready to either hang with them or get some more binge-watching in. Then it's off to bed. I always go to sleep with gratitude for the blessing of each day.


5. Where do you want your career to go in 10 years?  

In the mix of a very successful career in film, television, and stage. My goal is to be able to act in all genres that will help me inspire others and grow most as an actor.  


6. Would you ever like to be behind the scenes? 

I'm definitely open to it. Being able to produce a story I want to tell would be fun. It would be a great way to play a character that's important to me. And create a project that will bring happiness to the audience. I have hope to make moves in my career that will inspire other young girls to want to do the same Also, it would mean so much to me to give new actors their shot.


7. Do you enjoy social media? What's your favorite? 

 I do love social media. My favorites are Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. 

Actress Saniyya Sidney “Ones to Watch under 21 issue"/2 

 8. Do you have any projects coming up this year? 

Yes, there are some amazing things in the works. Stay tuned!!!


9. Where can fans find you or reach out? 

 @saniyyasidney on Instagram and Twitter.



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