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Amanda Grace Benitez-" Spice it up!"

Amanda Grace Benitez-" Spice it up!"

Amanda Grace Benitez-" Spice it up!"_1




Photographer Dean Foreman

Jordan Grossman/ fashion styling 

Sarah Sullivan / makeup

Alexander Armand / hair



Amanda Grace Benitez-" Spice it up!"_2



What is Panamanian and Hungarian food culture like? What is your favorite dish?

I have been vegetarian since birth and vegan for the past 9 years so unfortunately, I have never consumed traditional Panamanian or Hungarian foods.

We love diversity and cultures at ouch magazine. You have a beautiful look. How do you describe your style?

Aww, Thank you so much! Fashion is so important because it’s how I express myself. Honestly, I usually wear whatever is found on my floor, (laughs). I don’t have a specific, “Style”. Usually, I just put things together that I feel go together and rock it.

Amanda Grace Benitez-" Spice it up!"_3

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Mom and Dad, hands down.

Where did you study? Was acting your first love?

I’ve trained with quite a few coaches along with various acting schools in Los Angeles, CA.

I was a freakishly shy child and would have never dreamt that acting would be my thing thang. I was put into my very first dance class at the age of three. Then, I fell head over heels in love with performing which led me to act.

How do you select your roles? Is there a certain character you enjoy playing?

I read a script that is being offered my way and if I feel drawn to the story, innate with the character and it’s challenging then it’s a done deal.

I tend to crave the “hero” and not a character that is vapid.

Being on the set a lot must be hard on your skin and hair. What is your day to day beauty skincare routine?

Try to avoid wearing any makeup and keep things really simple when it comes to my hair. I love my Evian water spray, Cetaphil wipes and always moisturize.

Also, WATER!

What movie or tv show projects are you involved in and can you describe your role?

I am in an Awesomeness Films Comedy flick called, “The F**K-It List” where I play Supporting-Lead STACY BLAU who helps construct the ultimate Senior Prank with her buddies.

Also, I’m in a Thriller feature film from the creator of, “Final Destination” called, “Good Samaritan” where I play Supporting role Maria who at this time I cannot discuss the project.

Would you ever go blonde for a role or shave your head?

Heck yes! Hair grows back.

What's in your music selection must-listen songs or artists?

My taste in music is every changing but lately, I‘ve been listening to Dustin O’halloran, U2, Talking Heads & Joy Division.

Where can fans reach out in the future?

I am present on all social media platforms, Instagram is the best way to contact me directly. I respond to all DM’s and comments.


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