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Amanda Grace Benitez-" Spice it up!"-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Amanda Grace Benitez-" Spice it up!"

      Photographer Dean Foreman Jordan Grossman/ fashion styling  Sarah Sullivan / makeup Alexander Armand / hair         What is Panamanian and Hungarian food culture like? What is your favorite dish? I have been vegetarian since birth and vegan for the past 9 years so unfortunately, I have never consumed traditional Panamanian or Hungarian foods. We love diversity and cultures at...

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Actress Emma Dumont covered ouch! magazine-OUCH MAGAZINE USA,NY

Actress Emma Dumont covered ouch! magazine

                  Inhouse Ouch Magazine Production : Inglot Studios Photographer: Steven MenendezInterview & Styled by Rhonda McKnight Make-Up artist: Hayden TeeHair: Mann Nance               1. What is your nationality? Where did you grow up? I'm American and I grew up in rainy Seattle, WA. 2. Where do you enjoy the most out of all...

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