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Actress Victoria Konefal of Days of our Lives fan favorite cover Ouch! Magazine

Photographer: Chris Cruz Hair: Tami Yi Makeup: Karissa Symmons Editor/Interviewer: Rhonda McKnight   Victoria Konefal has portrayed the role of Ciara Brady on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives since 2017.     Days Of Our Lives Ciara Brady GIF from Daysofourlives GIFs     I am happy to have an interview with young Hollywood stars such as Victoria Konefal.  Who I know will go on to be bigger and better as the years go on.     How did you decide to work on a soap opera versus a TV show on one of the hot streaming networks such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon? I like the challenge of a soap opera. I’m enjoying my time on Days of...

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Music Artist Rayla covers Ouch Magazine GenX issue

Photographer: Robbie Joseph Interview Rhonda McKnight @ouchmagazineny      How would you describe your sound?  My sound is definitely more POP. It took me a while to really find my sound and feel like this is really me. At the same time, I hate to define my sound and put it in a box. I’d rather my listeners just enjoy my music and they can define it how they hear it.   How long have you been a singer? My mom says I was born singing! Growing up there was always music playing in our house. So I was always singing and performing around the house. I did the local town performances and talent show and eventually started doing performances around...

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Kerri Medders 'Rising Stars’ x ouchmagazine

     Tell us a little bit about your new EP. My new EP, “Lot 17”, captures an era of myself as I approach adulthood; what I’ve realized and what I’m moving towards in my life. Music is so exciting, because writing, recording and releasing “Lot 17” while I am 17 is something I’ll always have to look back o like it’s frozen in time. It’s surreal. How involved were you in the creating process? Did you write/co-write any of the songs? I try to be as involved as possible in the creative process of making my music because I want it to be authentic and represent how I feel. Every song on “Lot 17” besides my cover of a...

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