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        JOCKO SIMS -  Photographer: Diana Ragland Groomer: Veronica Arancibia Wardrobe Stylist: Jordan Grossman Fashion Editor @rhonda_mcknight  1. TV show hits such as Empire and others to come this year are hiring more African-American talents. What do you think about the rise of Black Actors in Hollywood? I think the use of African Americans in mainstream media is something that moves in cycles. There was a time, not long ago when you had Cosby on CBS, The Fresh Prince of NBC and Martin on Fox. In Living Color and Def Comedy Jam where staples as well. And then, after those shows…nothing in the mainstream for a long time. I feel like the dry spell was due to a combination...

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Actress Emma Dumont covered ouch! magazine

                  Inhouse Ouch Magazine Production : Inglot Studios Photographer: Steven MenendezInterview & Styled by Rhonda McKnight Make-Up artist: Hayden TeeHair: Mann Nance                   1. What is your nationality? Where did you grow up? I'm American and I grew up in rainy Seattle, WA. 2. Where do you enjoy the most out of all your travels? I would have to say my favorite place I've traveled so far is Hong Kong. It's an amazing city that is super easy to live in. Everyone is so friendly and there are lots to do. 3. What movie would you like to star in if there were a re-make? I...

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Jade Pettyjohn

  Interview @ouchmagazineny @rhonda_mcknight  At 15-years-old your family must be so proud of your already young fame. How did you get started in entertainment? Thank you! And yes, my parents are very supportive. I’ve been acting for about eight years now, and it started off with me wanting to have some fun, and the more I did it, the more I fell in love with the art form. What's the best thing about being an actress? Who is your favorite actress or actor? My absolute favorite thing about being an actress is creating characters and telling stories that in some way make an impact. I love going to the movies and watching actors and actresses like Brie Larson or Leonardo...

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