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3 Movies You Need To Watch This Christmas

3 Movies You Need To Watch This Christmas

The holiday season is here, and everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit. As part of that, more and more people are watching holiday themed movies. With the wealth of options on offer, however, it can be difficult to choose which ones you should watch.

While some people might fall back on old favorites, you might want to try something new. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are more than a few movies you need to watch this Christmas. It’s worth narrowing them down a little bit, with three notable options standing out with this.

Movies You Need To Watch This Christmas: 3 Top Options

1. 8-Bit Christmas

8-Bit Christmas could be considered A Christmas Story set for the modern generation. Released in 2021, it follows Neil Patrick Harris’ character as he grows nostalgic for the Nintendo Entertainment System he wanted for Christmas as a kid but never got.

It’s as full of heartwarming nostalgia as the classic it was so clearly inspired by. While it’s told through the lens of kids wanting presents for the holiday, it’ll be more inspiring and heartwarming than you’d think.

It’s especially recommended if you have any kids in the house. Family friendly, occasionally funny, and continually inspiring, it’s worth a watch

2. God’s Not Dead

Not all movies you need to watch this Christmas center around the season itself. Sometimes, it’s worth watching something a bit more faith-based, with God’s Not Dead fitting the bill perfectly. There are already several movies in this franchise, so you could even make a bit of a marathon out of this.

If you want something that focuses more on faith and the bible, you should watch God’s Not Dead. It’ll more than restore your faith and help you have a more religious-feeling holiday season. It’ll be more than worth spending time watching.

3. The Polar Express

If you’re looking for something animated, you’ll have more than a few Christmas movies to choose from. While the style is a little outdated, The Polar Express can more than fit the bill for this. With Tom Hanks in one of the main roles, this is one of the more star-studded options to choose.

The plot follows a young boy’s journey to the North Pole on the titular Polar Express, adding an increasing sense of wonderment along the way. Taking place almost entirely on Christmas Eve, the movie is one of the more heartwarming Christmas movies you need to watch.

Movies You Need To Watch This Christmas: Wrapping Up

If you don’t want to go back to old favorites, you might want to try a few new holiday themed movies. There are countless options to choose from, but some stand out more than others. They’re more than worth tossing up and enjoying them with your family.

God’s Not Dead, The Polar Express, and 8-Bit Christmas are all movies you need to watch this Christmas. They’ll get you into the holiday spirit and you’ll have an amazing time watching them. There’s no reason not to flick them on at some point.