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A list of  What TV  shows are Cancelled and Renewed

A list of What TV shows are Cancelled and Renewed

Cancelled: 'Valor'
Network: The CW

The CW has a knack for making shows about hot and sweaty people, but it couldn't garner the right audience with its military drama, Valor. Due to consistently poor ratings, the freshman series was quickly axed.
CANCELLED: 'The Night Shift'
Network: NBC

After four seasons, the summer medical drama will not continue on. Yeah, that means you need to find something else to watch if you want to stay in when the weather heats up.
RENEWED: 'The Gong Show'
Network: ABC

In this amateur talent contest, Mike Myers stars as cheeky host and British comedy legend Tommy Maitland. Expect Myers to bring his signature brand of funny next season because he's surely on a roll
RENEWED: 'Dynasty'
Network: The CW

Compared to its undesirable premiere ratings, Dynasty managed to gain an uptick by the end of Season 1. The show could still be much campier and melodramatic, but at least it's gaining more viewership.
Network: NBC

NBC will continue on with the A.P. Bio experiment. The Glenn Howerton comedy aired as a midseason replacement, but managed to make just the right impact to score a Season 2 renewal.
Network: ABC

Unfortunately, Zach Braff couldn't replicate the success of Scrubs. His latest small-screen attempt was brutally axed after the ninth episode aired
CANCELLED: 'Shots Fired'
Network: FOX

This one definitely hurts. Shots Fired wasn't a big, flashy show, but it dealt with serious political and social issues with a level hand. It will definitely be missed.
 CANCELLED: 'LA to Vegas'
Network: FOX

LA to Vegas
 tried throwing everything into the kitchen sink at this point, including a potential Will Ferrell appearance. But even that wasn't enough. The show was given the boot after some careful consideration.
CANCELLED: 'The Originals'
Network: The CW

Well, somethings aren't meant to last. At least The Originals is getting a proper send off with Season 5 .
CANCELLED: 'Living Biblically'
Network: CBS

After terrible ratings, CBS quickly pulled Living Biblically off its primetime schedule. The new series was one of the lowest-rated CBS originals of the season. Yikes!
RENEWED: 'Black Lightning'
Network: The CW

There's a new superhero in town, and he's here to stay. Black Lightning has certainly amped up The CW's cool factor, while also bringing important social and racial issues to the forefront.
CANCELLED: 'Superior Donuts'
Network: CBS

It's a surprise this goofy comedy survived for two seasons, but CBS has finally cut Superior Donuts' lifeline.
RENEWED: 'Life in Pieces'
Network: CBS

This was the first year this CBS comedy was left on the bubble. Clearly, things worked out nicely since Life in Pieces has been green-lit for a fourth season.
RENEWED: 'American Housewife'
Network: ABC

Katie Otto will keep on truckin' on against all the cookie-cutter mommies who doubt her parenting skills. Expect another season of laughter when fall rolls around.
RENEWED: 'Instinct'
Network: CBS

CBS is sticking with this freshly-aired, midseason drama series. In Instinct, Alan Cumming portrays Dr. Dylan Reinhart — who also happens to be the first openly gay lead character on a broadcast drama.
RENEWED: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow'
We should all be grateful for the effervescent Sara Lance. She has truly made Legends of Tomorrow a delight to watch, and we hope she gets even more screen time in Season 4.
RENEWED: 'The 100'
Network: The CW

The 100
's renewal was a bit of surprise, but Clarke and her comrades are not to be messed with, okay!
RENEWED: 'Salvation'
The world may be doomed on Salvation, but this CBS thriller continues to thrive!
Some shows are just plain ol' stinkers, and 9JKLcertainly is one of them. CBS quickly cancelled this freshman series due to its grievously low ratings.
CANCELLED: 'Scorpion'
Luck has run out for Scorpion after four lukewarm seasons. The Katherine McPhee-led drama will not be returning next fall, but maybe she'll put out another album now?
Some shows are born duds, and Zoo is one of them. CBS finally cancelled the drama series after three mediocre seasons.
CANCELLED: 'The Mayor'
Poor Lea Michelle! Can someone give this immensely talented woman a hit new show that won't get axed? First Scream Queens and now this. DAMN!
Based on the movie of the same name, Taken was a bizarre choice for a TV reboot. It clearly failed to materialize on the film's success, and its cancellation isn't a tough loss.
CANCELLED: 'Me, Myself & I'
Even though Bobby Moynihan was a standout on SNL, he couldn't bring the same magic to his own comedy series.
RENEWED: 'MacGyver'
This reboot has found just the right amount of viewers to stay alive for Season 3. Sure, it isn't the most notable CBS drama, but at least it packs a punch and showcases some killer hairdos.
Can we get a woot woot for Liv Moore? This is one hilarious zombie who we never want to say goodbye to. Thank you Rob Thomas for putting out one consistent season after another.
CANCELLED: 'Wisdom of the Crowd'
Plagued by low ratings and the controversy surrounding Jeremy Piven's sexual misconduct allegationsWisdom of the Crowd quickly became a sinking ship for CBS.
CANCELLED: 'The Brave'
After just one season, NBC decided to close the door on The Brave. The military drama starring Anne Heche and Mike Vogel couldn't rely on its stars' nostalgic factor, and the feeble storylines certainly didn't help its case.
RENEWED: 'Chicago Med'
Season 4 was always a sure thing for this Dick Wolf-produced drama. Don't be surprised if it lives well into the double digits.
RENEWED: 'Ransom'
Looks like CBS has demanded more Ransom! After its midseason debut, the series has seen an uptick in viewership, and it certainly bodes well with the network's flagship audience.
The musical drama has been given a third life. Queen Latifah's deliciously harmonious series hit all the high notes this season, which is why its renewal isn't a shocker at all.
CANCELLED: 'Ten Days in the Valley'
Suffice to say, Kyra Sedgwick's talents were wasted here. Audiences failed to connect with the clunky plot lines, and ABC quickly let the Ten Days in the Valley out of its misery.
CANCELLED: 'Code Black'
After a major casting shake up at the end of its debut season, Code Black tried to come in swinging, but failed to build an audience. It didn't take long for the show to flatline
CANCELLED: 'The Exorcist'
After undergoing major casting and narrative changes for Season 2, The Exorcist finally found a terrifying rhythm. Unfortunately, it was a little too late.
RENEWED: 'Man With a Plan'
Matt LeBlanc's fairly-new series somehow managed to pull a win. You can expect to see the Burns in action again for a third season.
RENEWED: 'Big Brother'
Julie Chen will return with a fresh batch of delusional, thirsty, and manipulative nobodies looking to make an extra dollar. You can always expected the unexpected on Big Brother.
RENEWED: 'The Blacklist'
It came down to the wire, but NBC has continued to stick by The Blacklist. The show will return for Season 6, but will the audience?
RENEWED: 'Midnight, Texas'
You might be unfamiliar with this cult hit, but Midnight, Texas has built a devoted viewership that's stuck by it. You can look forward to more spooks and thrills next season.
RENEWED: 'Blindspot'
As a middle-of-the-pack ratings earner Blindspotmanaged to earn a Season 4 renewal. Clearly the peacock has a soft spot for this drama.
CANCELLED: 'The Middle'
After a whopping nine seasons, The Middle was yanked off the air before it hit a major milestone. One more year and it could've been on for a decade! Yeah, this one sure hurts.
CANCELLED: 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World'
Network: NBC

Sometimes you try your best, and things still don't work out. That's definitely the case with Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. In spite of boasting a well-meshed ensemble cast, this little comedy simply couldn't pull it off in the long run. Hey, it was good while it lasted, right?
CANCELLED: 'Shades of Blue'
Network: NBC

Jennifer Lopez will hang up her TV hat after the third and final season of Shades of Blue. It'll be nice to see Harlee receive a well thought-out ending, especially since the series dragged quite a bit in Season 2.
RENEWED: 'Supergirl'
Network: The CW

Never count out Kara and her girl gang! These fierce divas will be back to kick some butt next season, and we can't wait.
RENEWED: 'The Resident'
Network: FOX

This medical series was given a second-season pickup. In fact, it's one of the four freshman FOX dramas to get a Season 2 order this year.
RENEWED: 'Blue Bloods'
Network: CBS

Clearly, Blue Bloods is still knocking out hit storylines (although we're still not over Linda's death!). You can expect the series to return for a ninth season.
RENEWED: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'
Network: The CW

It's the little engine that could. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a superb, quiet little show that has managed to talk about mental illness in a wonderfully complex and insightful manner. It's an important conversation to have, so we are glad it'll return for a fourth and final season.
RENEWED: 'Chicago P.D.'
Network: NBC

Just like the rest of the shows in the Chicago franchise, Chicago P.D. scored an easy renewal. This was a no brainer, really.
RENEWED: 'American Idol'
Network: ABC

Despite the weird and cringe-inducing chemistry amongst hosts Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, American Idol has lived to see another season.
CANCELLED: 'Life Sentence'
Network: The CW

Poor Lucy Hale has had the worst luck with getting a show to last on The CW. Her new series simply didn't resonate with young viewers, despite a heavy marketing campaign.
CANCELLED: 'Marvel’s Inhumans'
Network: ABC

Well, well, well. Who's really surprised by this news? Despite having a killer budget and awesome source material, this show sure proved to be a major stinker. Good riddance, indeed!
RENEWED: 'Splitting Up Together'
Network: ABC

This comedy about conscious uncoupling nabbed another season, and will give you yet another chance to stare at Jenna Fischer and Oliver Hudson's glorious faces.
Network: The CW

Thank the heavens for more Jane... and Michael?! This rollercoaster of a ride is so sweet and heart-warming that we never want it to end.
RENEWED: 'Elementary'
Network: CBS

Perhaps the biggest shocker is how this sleeper hit has managed to score renewal after renewal for the past six years! Can we get a woot woot for Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson?
CANCELLED: 'Scandal'
Network: ABC

The final season of Scandal went out with a bang! We'll definitely miss Olivia Pope and all her drama, but at least we had her for seven years!
RENEWED: 'The Goldbergs'
Network: ABC

Well, alrighty then! The Goldbergs scored another renewal because we all need more Beverly in our lives. Seriously, that woman can do no wrong.
RENEWED: 'Law & Order: SVU'
Network: NBC

What's NBC without Law & Order: SVU? It gives us the best weekend marathons and yet another reason to stay in and watch TV. #OliviaBenson4eva
CANCELLED: 'Great News'
Network: NBC

This Tina Fey-produced comedy just couldn't get its foot in the door. In fact, most people have never even heard of Great News. Suffice to say, we all saw this coming
CANCELLED: 'Last Man on Earth'
It's hard to believe this weirdo comedy lived for four seasons on FOX. Despite being a critical darling, Last Man on Earth couldn't garner a large audience. Weirdly, its cancellation is giving us serious flashbacks to when FOX killed Arrested Development.
RENEWED: 'Superstore'
The employees of Cloud 9 are probably on cloud 9 after hearing this news! NBC has green-lit Season 4 for this adorable and consistently pleasing comedy.
RENEWED: 'Arrow'
No one thought that Arrow would be cancelled, even though the stories have been a bit lackluster this season. Still, we give this superhero thriller another 3-5 years before it's yanked off the air.
RENEWED: 'The Flash'
Barry & Co. will be back in a jiffy. Expect to see more action, thrills, and complicated romance in the fall
CANCELLED: 'Designated Survivor'
Despite gaining a small, loyal fanbase, Designated Survivor just couldn't expand its reach. Given this year's sluggish start, it's not a shocker that the series has been left out to dry after Season 2.
Shemar Moore is certainly on to bigger and better things. After leaving Criminal Minds, the actor has found relative success with the new show (which was inspired by the film of the same name).
Network: CBS

You can count on another season for this military drama. Between David Boreanaz and Max Thieriot, The Brave sure has a lot of hunky dudes!
RENEWED: 'Empire'
Network: FOX

Cookie's got more stories to tell and more butts to kick. You can expect this diva and her crew to return in top form for Season 5.
Allison Janney nabbed an Oscar for her work in I, Tonya while Mom scored another season on CBS. It definitely been a great year for this talented actress.
RENEWED: 'The Orville'
Looks like FOX has engaged the quantum drive by renewing The Orville for Season 2. The Seth MacFarlane series isn't as big of a hit as it was expected to be, yet it managed to book an even longer second season. Go figure.
RENEWED: 'The Gifted'
Perhaps the best superhero series to come out this year, The Gifted has earned its stripes. This wonderful family thriller certainly deserves a second season!
RENEWED: 'Fresh Off the Boat'
Thank the heavens! ABC came through with this renewal. Who's excited to see more of Jessica Huang? That woman is a gift to humanity.
RENEWED: 'How to Get Away With Murder'
Sure, this renewal might be a surprise to some, but only fools count out Annalise Keating. This woman is here to play, and she will only leave on her own terms. We can't wait for all the new drama she'll hash up in the fall.
RENEWED: 'The Good Place'
Like many other NBC comedies, The Good Place is slowly but surely gaining steam. It has always been a critical darling, but can it join the ranks of The Office and Parks and Recreation? Who knows! We're just so forking excited for Season 3, y'all.
RENEWED: 'black-ish'
YAS to seeing more of Dre and Rainbow. There's so much to love about the Johnsons, and we are so happy to have another season filled with their unique brand of woke-ness.
RENEWED: 'Will & Grace'
Talk about a comeback of a lifetime! Will & Grace is just as popular as it was in the '90s... perhaps even more! The beloved NBC comedy scored a renewal for two more seasons after its massively well-received return to primetime TV.
RENEWED: 'Modern Family'
Network: ABC

The Dunphys aren't done just yet. Their shenanigans are endless, but who's complaining? This crazy family will be back in swing soon enough.
CANCELLED: 'Once Upon a Time'
For years, OUAT was a ABC wonder child, but the fantasy drama hit one bump after another in the last few years. After losing most of its cast, the show was revamped in the fall. Unfortunately, the new changes did not sit well with the audience, and ABC finally decided to end OUAT before it completely fell of the edge.
What a total surprise! Rise has a talented ensemble cast that includes Josh Radnor, Rosie Perez, and Auliʻi Cravalho. The upbeat, musical drama has a lot of heart, but it failed to achieve a widespread appeal.
CANCELLED: 'Kevin Can Wait'
Looks like CBS couldn't wait to cancel Kevin Can Wait. The series was under fire last year for ousting Erinn Hayes and making Leah Remini the new female lead. Looks like the cast change didn't work, and the comedy has been buried after its sophomore season.
RENEWED: 'Good Girls'
It's easily this year's most delightful midseason comedy. Seriously, Good Girls is the riot we've been waiting for. That's precisely why we're so ecstatic to hear about it's second-season renewal
 RENEWED: 'Lethal Weapon'
Network: FOX

Embroiled in on-set controversy, things have certainly been dramatic on the set of Lethal Weapon. Co-lead Clayne Crawford was swiftly ousted after reports surfaced of his toxic behavior towards cast and crew. He has been replaced by Seann William Scott for Season 3.
Network: CBS

CBS renewed the original mothership that started it all! The long-running drama series will be back for Season 16 soon enough.
RENEWED: 'Roseanne'
Network: ABC

Arguably the most successful revival of this TV season, Roseanne returned bigger than before. The Conners sure have a lot of opinions, and they are more than ready to sound off for another season.
RENEWED: '9-1-1'
Network: FOX

The sophomore season of this Ryan Murphy series is shaping up to be a crowd pleaser already. Why? Well, because Jennifer Love Hewitt has joined the cast. She'll surely bring a hefty dose of drama, nostalgia, and star power!
Network: FOX

So FOX dropped the ball by axing this magnificent cop comedy, but NBC revived Brooklyn Nine-Ninein the nick of time. It's exactly how Jake Peralta would've wanted it. Long live #Jamy!
CANCELLED: 'Lucifer'
Network: FOX

#SaveLucifer started trending on Twitter after FOX axed the beloved drama series. The decision was ratings-based according to Fox chairman Gary Newman. Perhaps the network should reconsider, considering that even Neil Gaiman wants Lucifer to be saved.
RENEWED: 'This Is Us'
Network: NBC

Arguably the most popular show on network TV, This Is Us easily scored a third-season pick up. Everyone and their mother wants to see more of the Pearson family and Milo Ventimiglia's glorious mustache.
CANCELLED: 'Quantico'
Network: ABC

This steamy political thriller was given the boot, but it's not a huge surprise. Quantico started off as a runaway hit, but its viewership has been steadily declining since its premiere.
RENEWED: 'Grey's Anatomy'
Network: ABC

No shocker here! Shonda Rhimes' first-born is still churning up one dramatic season after another. We're just waiting to see if some hunky dude will finally amp up Meredith's love life.
RENEWED: 'Chicago Fire'
Network: NBC

No surprise here: NBC renewed Chicago Fire for a seventh season. It's too bad that Monica Raymund won't return in the fall.
RENEWED: 'The Good Doctor'
Network: ABC

No shocker here! Freddie Highmore's crowd-pleasing medical drama has continued to be a ratings juggernaut for ABC. But will the sophomore season live up to the hype? Guess we'll have to wait and find out.
RENEWED: 'Supernatural'
Was there ever any doubt that the Winchester brothers would return for another season? Arguably the most popular series to have aired on The CW, Supernatural will probably be on for another gazillion years. Hey, the people want what they want!
RENEWED: 'The Bachelor'
Network: ABC

Arie Luyendyk Jr. might have sucked the life out of the franchise, but he turned the drama barometer all the way up at the end of the season. Thanks to the most controversial .
Network: FOX

Talk about a massive bummer! This wildly hilarious series was unceremoniously given the boot. Overlooking Kaitlin Olson's talent is an egregious error, people.
RENEWED: 'Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'
Network: ABC

Things have never been easy for this show, but its avidly devoted viewers continue to hope for the best. Fortunately, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to pull through another season renewal!
RENEWED: 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Network: ABC

Bring on the tears, fake eyelashes, and love octagons. Nothing is ever uncomplicated on Bachelor in Paradise, but that's exactly what makes it so damn good. *Fingers crossed for Deanie Babies not returning*
RENEWED: 'Riverdale'
There was no question that this runaway hit wouldn't come back for a third season. Riverdale is the hottest show on The CW right now and for good reason.
RENEWED: 'The Big Bang Theory'
Who's really surprised by this news? It's the show with no ending (at least not yet). You can expect CBS to milk this cash cow for as long as it can.
RENEWED: 'Young Sheldon'
The Big Bang Theory spinoff has showed no signs of slowing down. After scoring massive premiere ratings, Young Sheldon has continued to surge.
RENEWED: 'Hawaii Five-0'
After enduring a lot of casting controversy last year, Hawaii Five-0 managed to stay out of the spotlight this year. That's probably why it scored an easy renewal.
RENEWED: 'Criminal Minds'
Losing Gibson last season did not prove to be an end-all for Criminal Minds. In fact, the series has been chugging along and is ready to roll into Season 14.