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Emily Cohn's CRSHD! Tribeca '19

Emily Cohn's CRSHD! Tribeca '19

Instagram: @crshdmovie
Facebook: @crshdfilm

Written and Directed by Emily Cohn

Starring Isabelle Barbier, Deeksha Ketkar, Sadie Scott, Will Janowitz, L.H. González, Abdul Seidu

Emily Cohn's CRSHD! Tribeca '19_1

End-of-the-year celebrations are underway at a small liberal arts college in Ohio. The night’s main event? A CRUSH PARTY. The rules? Submit your crush and they get an invite. Or if you’re “crushed,” you also get an invite. Self-conscious freshman IZZY ALDEN is still a virgin and the crush party is her last chance to do something about it before summer break. ANUKA and FIONA, Izzy’s two best friends, help Izzy on her mission to “bone” as they each pursue romantic interests of their own. Anuka, annoyed with her boyfriend, crushes a senior meme lord while Fiona crushes a hot liberal arts lesbian. In typical millennial style, social media plays mediator and the girls chase their crushes in real life and online. But Izzy’s moral compass skews as the night progresses and her quest to have sex with her crush on his twin-XL bed might cost Izzy the friendships she cares about most. Even so, by the next morning, it seems some of Izzy’s mistakes happened “for a reason” and maybe the right person has been in front of her all along.

About Emily Cohn (Writer/Director):
Emily studied Creative Writing at Oberlin College and Film Production at the Prague Film School. Her first short film, PIERCED, was funded by the Tribeca Film Institute and won Best Drama at the 2012 All American High School Film Festival. Her web series "The Do Not Enter Diaries" was featured in The New York Times. CRSHD is her leap into long-form content. 

81 mins
Country: USA
Language: English
Section: Viewpoints
Sales: Visit Films

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