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How to Get the Most  Of Your TV Subscriptions

How to Get the Most Of Your TV Subscriptions

TV and video are a vital part of our lives. However, it is becoming more challenging to ensure that we're getting the most for our money. Especially as the way we begin to consume these projects changes, most significantly with subscription services. Happily, there are some tactics that can help to rectify this. Read n to find out what they are. 


The one thing that makes subscription service so appealing as a business model is auto-renew. That is your member refreshes come then the end of your contract, whether you are using the service to its full capacity or not. 


Now, for most of us, this isn't a problem as we still have plenty of series left to binge-watch. However, on occasion, it can mean that you get trapped in a whole new year's worth of subscription that you aren't going to use. With that in mind, be sure to keep an eye out for auto re-subscription and turn them off when you sign up wherever possible. 


There can be only one. 


Next, if you want to get the most from TV subscription services, it's best to keep your number of memberships down to a minimum. That means one, if at all possible or two at the most. 


Yes, I know it can feel like a Sophie's Choice when it comes to picking between Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube premium. However, you can only physically watch so many shows at any given time, and your bank balance will thank you for it in the long run. 


Find other ways to enjoy the content. 


Another way that you can get the most for your TV subscriptions is to find additional ways to enjoy the content that they offer. In fact, many providers such as Sky offer on the go services, which means it's free to stream content to your mobile devices. Something that means you can catch up with the latest Games of Thrones on your work commute, or tune in to shows like October Faction while walking the dog. 


Of course, suppose your chosen providers don't offer an on-the-go-type service. In that case, you can always use guides on how to convert video to audio instead. Then you can catch up on your stories, while out exercising or on the school run. Something that will make sure you get as much value from your streaming subscriptions as possible, and that you never miss an episode of your favorite show. 


Look out for added benefits. 


Finally, when it comes to value, any additional perks you can get are great news. Be on the lookout for collaborations between TV providers here, as you can save over half your monthly bill by getting your Netflix out into your Sky account. 


Additional special offers and friendship rewards are well worth having as well. Especially if it means you can get all the shows you know and love, at an even more reduced cost! After all, the very best value for money is free!