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‘Pandora’ Renewed For Season 2 " Congrats

‘Pandora’ Renewed For Season 2 " Congrats

We asked for and we got it. Pandora will return in 2020.

A CW  sci-fi drama from creators Mark A. Altman and Steve Kriozere, 


 stars Priscilla Quintana, Oliver Dench, Raechelle Banno, John Harlan, Ben Radcliffe, Banita Sandhu, Martin Bobb-Semple, and Noah Huntley.


Unfolding in the year 2199, the action centers on Jax (Quintana) aka Pandora. After the traumatic death of her parents, Jax must start her life anew, so she enters the EarthCom Fleet Training Academy. It is there that she discovers there is more to her identity than she had always believed. When the truth shakes up her world, it leads her on a quest for answers.