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'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3


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'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3 Finale Review: This Is The End

AMC networks has done it once again with a 2 hours of surprises and heart thumping entertainment . I am warning you I have  spoiler alerts but not in full detail. Although I am very true to the 'The Walking Dead '  "Fear of the Walking Dead" Final season wrapping last  was one of the better espies of its career by far.

In Season 3, the moment Madison and her children arrived at Jeremiah Otto's screwed up ranch, we knew the truth; we could see the future. The end was coming, not because a Native American tribe contested the land and water rights, not because Jeremiah was a racist old man or because his son, Troy, was a psychopath.


No, the end was coming because Madison had arrived. Her Midas Touch is disaster. They should send her to the Saviors. Negan wouldn't stand a chance. He'd marvel at how tough she is, and then his entire world would crumble around him.

Alas, she's come to the dam instead. And while it wasn't Madison directly who led to the dam's ultimate demise it was, without question, her fault. She freed Strand from the Proctors, trading away Qaletaqa's gold for Strand's life. Naturally, this led to Strand selling out Daniel and the dam by working out a deal with the new bad guys.

By the end of the season finale, Nick blows the dam and all hell breaks loose. The river flows again, and the Proctors are left empty-handed. Madison, Strand and Alicia are swept away (we only know for sure that Madison survives, of course) and Strand and Nick are left atop the crumbling monstrosity.


 We now know how crazy (Kim Dickens) Madison Clark  really is , she adds a little Rick and Carol to the show. As far as the rest of the cast I was in love with Nick Clark form the beginning. He has a charismatic charm to his character you root for the under dog while knowing e is just so bad but so good. The season final showed us that (Frank Dillane) although is very handsome he is a really good actor. I can see anyone else playing the role as good as (Frank Dillane) . His strength shows on the screen when he risk his life but still somehow everything works out for Nick Clark . This means his intentions are good .

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3_1

The most  one who won me over that honestly I wasn't a huge fan of is (Alycia Jasmin Debnam-Carey) Alicia Clark because she was very weak at the beginning of seasons 1&2 but season 3 she showed us that shoe is smarter , stronger and thats how I like them!

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3-2

Victor Strand    (Colman Domingo) still victor stand ...ha,ha gotta love them. Still back stabbing and learning how to work with others.



'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 3_3

New cast members for season 3, from left to right: Daniel Sharman as Troy Otto, Lindsay Pulsipher as Charlene, Sam Underwood as Jake Otto, Hugo Armstrong as Vernon Trimbol, Dayton Callie as Jeremiah Otto and Emma Caulfield as Tracy Otto 

I am excited to hear that there will be a crossover between the 2 shows. Being a true fan of both now this would just make my Christmas .

“My personal feeling is that the story is strong enough in Fear, that we could have easily have continued for another two seasons, without the need for the crossover,” says departing Fear The Walking Dead co-creator and showrunner of the upcoming crossover with The Walking Dead that Robert Kirkman made public at New York Comic-Con on October 7.