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Fashion Week

Amehl NYC SS2020

Amehl NYC SS2020

Amehl NYC would like to personally invite you to the SS20 show titled, How to Keep your Husband, on September 4th at 7 PM at 114 W14th Street NY, NY, exploring the intersection of interactive performance art, alternative fashion and culinary arts. 

Amehl NYC SS2020Amehl NYC SS2020_1

I am partnering with, Chula Galvez is a Brooklyn-based pastry chef from Buenos Aires to create culinary confections for the show. Galvez currently occupies residencies as a pastry chef at some of the hottest Brooklyn restaurants- Dimes and Rosarito.  

SS20 theme centers around a retro tupperware party gone wild, featuring a lavish feast, rich in surreal cinematic imagery. Ordinary domestic household items are given their moment of glamour by being incorporated into the clothes in conjunction with classic materials. The show starts off orderly but with a tense sensation of inevitable disaster looming. As the show progresses the mood becomes decadent and creative dionysian, chaos ensues, challenging gender stereotypes and everyday demands of constantly living in perfection. 

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