runway images by BFA

Styling - Miguel Enamorado

Casting - Brent Chua

Hair - Cassandra Pena for AVEDA

Make Up - Maria Livingood for AVEDA

Shoes - Dr. Martens

Sunglasses - Cutler and Gross

Millinery - J.R Malpere/Commando





From the emotional journey lived through one or several relationships, emotional personas are born. Dirty Pineapple explores the idea that personas from past relationships are recycled through life with one’s different partners. They call it recycled love. 

The vision of the recycled love concept is about objectifying yourself; the destruction of your ego just for the purpose of feeling; accepting the different roles and experiences in the performance of loving; the good and the bad reprocessed to generate a “new” you.
Hence we see the body print made of a collage of various body parts; fake layering print is the idea of different skins; Tie Die made out of words are the things you lose in relationships; with a smattering of the heady touch of Nude.


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