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CHUKS COLLINS SS22 "Resurrection

CHUKS COLLINS SS22 "Resurrection

Titled Resurrection with a focus on time and freedom, Collins has drawn out how human abilities and their desire create infinite possibilities. 

all images credited to photographer Sivan Miller / Chuks Collins

photos by SIVAN MILLER

“I was in a place where I was thinking of how we can attain all that we desire through the abilities within us. The word resurrection kept ringing in my subconsciousness, how there is nothing yet everything. It took me on a journey towards a personal search for that, which can be found within myself and how that is freedom in awakening, and freedom in awareness. Time plays a big part in all this and it heals, but often it's the thing we all don't have,” says Collins.

Tapping into his creative spirit, the designer took photos of cocoons, studying the resurrection process of the butterfly, and the human muscular system. With a mood board filled of these images, the influence behind the collection was birthed.

photo credits photographer Sivan Miller /

Resurrection is something we rarely hear yet see in a park, see gliding in the air, hanging up in a tree, or moving with time and most importantly taking place in our bodies daily. Consolidation of these daily happenings stimulated the basis for the collection, perceived in the ethereal soft flowy fabrics, and used in the orgasmic structured cuts, creating unforgettable silhouettes and the calming effect of the jewel color tones used. 

The ombré effect of the color palette ranges from jewel tones of yellows, royal blues, wine reds, browns, and touches of African inspired prints with cocoons. 

 This collection seeks to hone the empowerment that’s already within women, giving a source of hope in everyday life. Collins has taken this concept of rebirth into the silhouettes of each garment with his use of fabric manipulation in pleating and knitwear, boning, corsetry, cuts, tailoring and structured shoulders. For the couture looks, the designer was careful do couture tailoring and include hand beading. His incorporation of the muscular nature of humans and the metamorphosis from cocoon to butterfly is woven throughout the collection’s theme. 

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