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TAAKK S/S 2021 Tokyo FW

TAAKK S/S 2021 Tokyo FW

Japanese menswear brand TAAKK is pleased to unveil its newest collection for Spring / Summer 2021. Presented during Rakuten Fashion Week, TAAKK showcased their collection at the Tokyo Botanical Garden in the center of the city, among a backdrop of lush flora.


In creating the latest offering, designer Takuya Morikawa sought inspiration from Belgian artist René Magritte’s visual representation of the idea of destroying the common illusion. Often bound by the standard notions of thinking when this shared vision is broken down, access is granted to a world unseen, presenting an opportunity for innovation.


Since TAAKK’s inception, Morikawa has continued to reshape the traditional notions of reality and push the boundaries of innovative menswear design with a multidisciplinary approach – incorporating extensive material research and inventive fabric treatments into his creations by collaborating directly with technicians in each area explored throughout his practice.


TAAKK S/S 2021 Tokyo FW

This season, TAAKK takes a closer look at the raw essence of separated elements that are normally assembled. In exploring this notion, unexpected fabrics are juxtaposed throughout the offering to create a transformative effect.  Key textiles seen throughout the present range include a shifting materiality, which seamlessly transitions from linen to cotton – transforming a blazer into a shirt to create a jacket with unexpected duality. Contrasting fabric pairings such as a highly reflective nylon paired with a polyester organdy translucent fabric continue this narrative to create a previously unimaginable transparency.



Morikawa on his presentation this season stated that “As the Coronavirus continues to limit our activities, the large greenhouse at the Tokyo Botanical Garden was selected as the venue for our show as a place one can enjoy just by looking in order to create the excitement of heading to the event without necessarily needing to attend in person."



Widening the possibilities of expression through digital printing and evocative visual elements such as a fading flower, representing the stark contrast of the beauties and melancholies of daily life, are displayed throughout the collection.

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