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Rick Owens Fall 2019

Rick Owens Fall 2019

Rick Owens, the renowned fashion designer known for his dark and edgy aesthetic, has once again captivated the fashion world with his Fall 2019 collection. With his signature avant-garde style, Owens has pushed the boundaries of fashion, creating a collection that is both daring and thought-provoking.

What is the inspiration behind Rick Owens Fall 2019 collection?

Rick Owens drew inspiration from various sources for his Fall 2019 collection. One of the key influences was the brutalist architecture movement, characterized by its raw and minimalist aesthetic. Owens translated this architectural style into his designs, incorporating clean lines, geometric shapes, and a monochromatic color palette.

Another source of inspiration for Owens was the idea of strength and power. He wanted to create garments that exuded confidence and authority. This is evident in the strong silhouettes, exaggerated proportions, and bold detailing seen throughout the collection.

What are the key trends in Rick Owens Fall 2019 collection?

One of the standout trends in Rick Owens Fall 2019 collection is the use of oversized and exaggerated silhouettes. From voluminous coats to billowing trousers, Owens has embraced a more relaxed and loose-fitting aesthetic. This trend not only adds a sense of drama to the collection but also allows for greater freedom of movement.

Another notable trend in the collection is the use of unconventional materials. Owens has experimented with innovative fabrics, such as neoprene and technical nylon, to create garments that are both visually striking and functional. This fusion of fashion and technology is a testament to Owens' ability to push the boundaries of traditional design.

How can you incorporate Rick Owens Fall 2019 into your wardrobe?

While Rick Owens Fall 2019 collection may be avant-garde and daring, there are still ways to incorporate elements of his aesthetic into your everyday wardrobe. One approach is to focus on key pieces that embody the spirit of the collection, such as an oversized coat or a pair of statement trousers. These statement pieces can be paired with more understated basics to create a balanced and wearable look.

Another way to incorporate Owens' aesthetic is through accessories. From chunky boots to oversized scarves, accessories can add a touch of edge to any outfit. Consider investing in a statement accessory that reflects Owens' bold and unconventional style.

Final thoughts

Rick Owens Fall 2019 collection is a testament to the designer's unique vision and ability to push the boundaries of fashion. With its avant-garde aesthetic, oversized silhouettes, and unconventional materials, the collection is a bold statement that challenges traditional notions of design. Whether you choose to fully embrace the avant-garde or incorporate subtle elements into your wardrobe, Rick Owens Fall 2019 offers a fresh and exciting perspective on fashion.

Rick Owens Fall 2019
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