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Inspired by Southern California coastal lifestyle, this collection brings you back to surfing and skate culture during the 1970s Lords of Dogtown era in Santa Monica. In Stan designer Tristan Detwiler's curatorial exploration this past winter along the Eastern Seaboard, and up through the cold of Vermont and Maine, he unveiled wintertime stories of age-old antiques from granddaughters of quilters and hidden gems of the Smithsonian American quilt collection. The wonderment Tristan found in the snowy roads and dense forests was the same as the marvel he has in his routine West Coast Northbound surf trips in a constant pursuit for the perfect wave. In this collection, Tristan exposes the cold winter, nighttime stories of warmth of a heavy antique family quilt that the East knows so well, to the West Coast. Long coats made from thick padded wool quilts and heavy jackets from muted tone winter cabin blankets and family heirloom textiles.
Tristan pulls constant inspiration from his surf adventures and travels. Familiar with the “no shirt no shoes” lifestyle of his home town of San Diego, California, Tristan holds this surfing life close as it has shaped his outlook. For this aesthetic he meshes what he knows well personally, with something vastly different, to create this compelling juxtaposition.


    • Si Li

    • Ege Babaoglu
    • Sheryl Nields
    • Copious Management

    • Michele Baratta
    • MODELS
    • Tristan Detwiler
    • Jakue Aguerre
    • Jonathan Simek
    • Nick Linkogle
    • Griffin Blanchard
  • HAIR

    • Peter Butler

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