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A Brief Guide To Boho Fashion

A Brief Guide To Boho Fashion

Boho style is a type of fashion inspired by hippies and bohemians of the 60s and 70s. The likes of the Olsen Twins and Kate Moss would resurrect it in the 00s and it still remains very popular. Just how do you pull off boho style? This post offers a few pointers.

Flowing fabrics

Flowing layered fabrics are key to boho style. Such fabrics are typically heavily textured (often with floral patterns) or colored in an earthy tone (like tan, green or blue). These boho dresses are a good example. Maxi skirts, oversized tops and flares are also part of this style. Think loose and comfortable.

Chunky jewelry

Boho fashion takes a maximalist approach to jewelry. Chunky bangles, large earrings and big necklaces can all work well in this style by adding texture. When choosing jewelry, stick to earthy materials and tones. Turquoise gemstones work particularly well. Don’t be afraid to layer up bracelets and necklaces too.

Floppy hats

Many types of headwear can clash with a boho outfit. Fedoras and straw hats are an exception. Look for hats of this style with wide brims. The floppier the better - rigidity goes against the boho ethos, so you want to avoid hats that look too rigid.

Strappy sandals

What type of footwear goes with a boho outfit? Sandals are a good choice. But as with other items of clothing, you want to add some earthy texture such as beads or tassels. Sandals with lots of straps work particularly well - a popular choice is gladiator sandals. There are boho styles of these sandals that you can explore. 

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are also a common boho item. Most materials and textures will work well, but ideally you want to maintain that earthy textured look. So think tan or leather boots with straps or tassels. You can explore different styles of boho boots online. 

Baggy knitwear

Knitwear can work well over the top of dresses and tops if you need an extra layer to provide some warmth. However, you should try to keep knit-wear equally loose-fitting. Oversized sweaters and baggy cardigans are great examples. Stick to neutral colors or earth colors when choosing knitwear. You could also consider looking into boho patterns and textures such as patchwork and paisley designs. 

Oversized accessories

Big accessories can work with a boho outfit. As already mentioned, floppy hats and chunky jewelry work well. But you can also consider oversized belts or large handbags. Try to maintain that earthy and textured look that is key to boho. A large tan handbag with tassels or a mandala print handbag could work well. When it comes to belts, look for large buckles. The metal circle belt is a unique boho item that could work well with your outfit. 


The above pointers can help you dress in a traditional boho style. Don’t be afraid to deviate slightly for a more modern edge. For example, it’s possible to throw in more conventional staple items - such as pairing a white crop top with a boho skirt, or jeans with an oversized boho top and baggy cardigan. This can tone down the boho look slightly if you don’t want to look too hippyish!