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American Fashion Designer Dara Senders is determined to participate in global Coronavirus efforts. At this time, protecting our lives and the lives of others is our social responsibility! Therefore, we as a brand have taken the decision to make antibacterial and reusable masks that give back to those combating covid-19 and communities in need. For every mask purchased we are donating the same number of masks. Like so many small businesses part of the fashion industry, Dara Senders has been heavily impacted by the effects of Covid-19. After putting a hold on business as usual with our ateliers and suppliers we immediately decided to roll up our sleeves and start working on how we could be of help during this crisis. After weeks of research trying to find materials benefiting the shield of viral community transmission, with the support of our great team we were able to obtain a limited stock of reusable and breathable neoprene with antibacterial ATB-UV+ characteristics. (ATB-UV+ is the future generation of anti-bacterial fibers. Cutting edge perspiration - absorption/evaporation technologies create a fiber that remains 99.9% bacteria free) In addition to our masks being antibacterial and UV protective, they are also 100% machine washable, waterproof, quick drying, non-toxic, flexible and very comfortable. The Dara Senders Face Mask is a smarter solution which differentiates our masks from the standard cotton fabric masks on the market, today. So, let's #MaskOn and #MaskTogether in support of small businesses, those combating Covid-19 and those working on the front lines every day to protect us against it in efforts to make our world a better, safer and healthier place to live in - today, tomorrow and always! Together if we all wear a mask; it will help reduce personal and community transmission and protect us against illnesses. #WereALLInThisTogether! For more information and to Purchase Masks

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