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How To Be Unique In Your Fashion Choices

When it comes to what you wear, you don't need to look like everybody else.

You don't need to look like Kim Kardashian, Naomi Cambell, or any of those other icons that others look to when deciding on their wardrobe choices. You can take inspiration from them but you don't have to dress exactly the same. 

Be unique in your fashion choices, use your imagination, and put a fresh spin on fashion and make it your own. If standing out is important to you, and if you're tired of looking like everybody else, then this is what you should concentrate on when putting your wardrobe together. 

How To Be Unique In Your Fashion Choices

#1: Create Your Own Fashion Trend

You can mix and match colors and patterns to create your own fashion trend. You can still take elements from designer fashion, but you can experiment with your own styles. So, dig out the items from your own wardrobe, and stand in front of the mirror while trying on different combinations of your clothes. You might be surprised at what you come up with, so don't be afraid to wear those items you might have assumed wouldn't match.

Do the same when you're shopping. Take your time to experiment with the clothes available in the store, and play around a little. If you like what you see in the mirror, opt for that fashion choice. It might be different to whatever everybody else is wearing, but if it's pleasing to your eyes, and if you feel comfortable in the outfit you are trying, then go for it.

You might want to create a fashion trend board too. Take inspiration from the boards that have been created on Pinterest, and try to come up with your own. Pin whatever trends you're into and use your collage of images to come up with a look that suits you. 

#2: Be Unique When You Accessorize

You probably accessorize your look anyway, but again, don't follow others. If you want to look unique, wear something that suits your personality and personal tastes. There's nothing wrong with wearing rings in the shape of your initials, for example, or wearing a family tree necklace that celebrates your heritage, because these things can be uniquely yours. 

Etsy is a popular go-to place for accessories, as you will find handcrafted items that are against the norm. You can also build your own jewelry at Tiffany & Co, with unique designs that tell your personal story. 

Be sure to consider the outfits you will be wearing too. Accessories can enhance what you regularly wear, so try to make an impact on the way you accessorize by choosing those items that will add to the look you are going for. 

#3: Mix Styles And Eras

You don't need to wear something entirely modern, and you don't need to create something that is purely vintage. Play around with styles from all kinds of eras until you come up with a unique look that you are happy with. 

So, get your creative juices flowing and pick from the best of decades gone by when styling your personalized wardrobe. 

As an example, you could choose the vibrant colors of the 80s and accessorize with something from the 60s.  Harpers Bazaar has showcased those trending 80s looks that are back in fashion, so consider what might suit you. Then look to the 60s for an accessory, such as the cat eye glasses hat were popular with Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe all those decades ago. Visit this website for a selection of some of the best. 

There are many styles that make up our fashion history, so look back into the past for inspiration for your unique look. If you want to dress like a 1950 pin-up girl or want to dress yourself in 80s disco chic, then do so, but remember to mix both styles to create something that is uniquely yours. 

Be Yourself In Your Fashion Choices

You're the person wearing the clothes you have chosen, so it is important to find something that you're happy to wear, and that you feel comfortable in. If these fall in line with fashion trends, then fine. But if you want to look beyond what the latest catwalk models are wearing when trying to find something that suits you, then do so. 

So, be yourself. Dress according to your own personal style, and mix and match accordingly. Then wear whatever you have chosen with confidence, as others will sit up and take notice. Heck, they might even follow suit and take inspiration from your unique style when fashioning themselves.