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How To Be Frugal About Fashion Without Sacrificing Style

How To Be Frugal About Fashion Without Sacrificing Style

These days, a lot of people want to be frugal about their lifestyle in order to save money for large expenses in their life. However, being frugal is also partially being environmentally-friendly. By reducing waste and only making valuable purchases, you actually help the environment in your own way. There are plenty of other benefits to being frugal, but we’re not going to explain them in this article. Instead, we’re going to be taking a look at how you can take a practical approach to being frugal without sacrificing your style.

As you may know, being frugal in the fashion world doesn’t always work. If you’re in love with high-end brands and absolutely need the latest collections, then frugal probably isn’t in your vocabulary. With that said, it’s not impossible to be a little more conscious about your spending even if you do spend a lot on high-end fashion. So to help you out, here are a few ways that you can take a more frugal approach to fashion.


Wait for the next fashion season

A lot of people only buy pieces when brands release a new season or collection. This is usually where the most expensive pieces are, but it’s a good idea to actually wait it out and look at the previous season or just wait until the next. This is when you get the most sales because stores are looking to clear out their stock before the next big season starts. You’ll find excellent sales, loads of discounts and some real bargains for high-end brand names. Be careful though because there are a lot of people bargain hunting for fashion when it gets to the mid-season point of a fashion season. Your best bet to snatch a great deal is to look at retail stores every couple of days or sign up to websites and register for their newsletters.


hile this is a great tip on how to look classy on a budget, it’s important to point out that you’re not always going to have the latest pieces and you’ll always be a season late. For most people, this is perfectly fine because their friends and family members aren’t really going to notice. However, if your social circle consists of many fashionable types, then you may want to avoid this tip because you might appear outdated or old with your outfits.


Stay in touch with the latest trends instead of the brands


It’s important to distinguish between trends and brands. Just because a lot of people are wearing a certain type of sneaker or certain colours, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear items from the brand that started the trend. For example, if floral patterns are hot right now because of the season, then you could always look for pieces that are similar but not outright copying the high-end brands. After all, fashion is about expressing yourself through your clothes. You have plenty of customisation options that allow you to dress in the way that you want to. You don’t have to stick to a brand, but rather, you can stick to a certain trend.


It’s even a good idea to look at other fashion trends to find inspiration. You could even look at men's fashion trends if you’re a woman, or look at trends from different countries. Again, instead of buying from the big-name brands, you can look for inexpensive options that give off the same vibe and attitude. Not only will this help save you money, but it can also teach you to be more adventurous with the things that you wear. If you continue to attribute a certain trend with a particular brand then you’ll find that your outfits rely too much on high-end brands. Fashion should be fun and personal–it’s not about dedicating yourself to a brand. Don’t hesitate to explore different brands and follow trends instead.


sed to selling your unwanted clothes


Another huge tip is to get used to selling the clothes that you no longer need. You might not think that anyone would want to own your used clothes, but you’d be surprised at how much money you could get back on your purchases. In some cases, the clothes you buy might even be worth more a few months after they’re taken off the shelves. Rare and vintage pieces can sell for a lot of money, so it’s always worth checking out some online store to see if the items you own can sell for good money. By trading in clothes like this, you recuperate some of the costs which makes it more affordable once something comes out of your rotation.


To sell clothes online, we suggest looking at apps or marketplaces such as Depop, Vinted, eBay and Preloved. You could also sell directly to other people on social media, such as using Facebook Marketplace or posting on Instagram. There are loads of different options and it generally depends on what you prefer. Some people might find it easier to sell on social media while others would prefer a system in place to protect against scammers and time-wasters. Just remember that most of these services charge a fee which you should take into account.


Spend more on visible items and less on basics


In the world of fashion, it’s important to distinguish between the pieces that you’re going to be wearing. Some pieces are obviously going to stand out as statement pieces. This can be something big such as your coat, a hoodie or even a bag. These are always visible and will likely be the first thing that other people see. However, you also have pieces like socks and a shirt that might not necessarily be seen. For these items, it’s more about practicality and function rather than style. Sure, a shirt might pop out a little around your neck if you’re wearing something like a hoodie, but it’s generally not something that you’ll see a lot.


As such, it’s a good idea to spend more on visible items and less on basics. You don’t have to spend loads of money on things like a shirt, underwear or even socks. As long as it’s comfortable, you can avoid the big-name brands that charge ludicrous amounts for them. You should also try to avoid basic-looking items from big-name brands. For instance, some brands sell plain shirts for a lot of money because it has a simple logo on the bottom of the shirt that is barely visible. Others might sell “high-end underwear” that works just the same as any other underwear. In other words, be practical about how much money you spend on your clothing. If a basic piece costs triple digits from a high-end brand, why bother? Just get something that looks similar from a lesser-known brand or even through a fast-fashion retailer. It’s going to be much cheaper and it’s not a visible piece anyway, meaning nobody is going to notice the brand or even care what you’re wearing underneath.


On the surface, being frugal doesn’t seem appealing since it limits how much money you can spend on the things you love. However, there are plenty of benefits when you adopt a frugal lifestyle and you can save a lot of money that you can spend elsewhere. While a lot of people struggle to highlight their personal style when they do turn frugal, we hope that this article has shown you that it’s possible to be frugal without sacrificing your style.