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4 Men's Fashion Trends That Are Big In 2020

4 Men's Fashion Trends That Are Big In 2020

Traditionally, men’s fashion doesn’t get much attention. If you ever hear of a fashion show or a fashion week, you tend to see all the women showing off new designs and items. Men’s fashion takes a backseat and just lingers in the peripherals. Part of this is because men would typically not have much of a fashion sense! That sounds harsh, but it was quite true for many years - most men would wear quite plain and simple outfits, not caring too much about fashion trends. 

Nowadays, things have definitely changed! Men are generally a lot more fashion-conscious, which is reflected in the different fashion trends on show around the world. In fact, men’s fashion has become so popular that many women have adopted a few of the looks as well. It’s often seen as a great way to look unique if you don an oversized men’s hoody or t-shirt!

With that in mind, what are the most popular and biggest male fashion trends in 2020? Let’s take a look…

Simple white shirts

Simplicity is very popular in men’s fashion and has been for some time. You’ll remember we mentioned how men traditionally opted for simple clothing, well, this trend has kind of remained! Nowadays, you can’t go wrong with a simple white shirt - this can be a smart shirt with a collar or a t-shirt. It’s highly trendy due to how versatile white is and can be worn with so many different outfits for different occasions. However, you’re also likely to see a lot of men


wearing designer brands like Comme des Garçons to spice up a simple white shirt. Here, you get the simplicity of the white top, but the extra style points for a designer brand. It creates a versatile look that’s equally very high-brow. 

Athleisure The athleisure trend isn’t exclusive to men’s fashion, but it is certainly hugely popular. Lots of men will walk around in stylish gym wear or tracksuits when going out for a coffee or popping out to the shops. It’s the perfect blend of style and comfort - something that the fashion industry has long struggled to achieve! Ironically, in the past, men were sort of looked down upon or scoffed for wearing sweatpants or tracksuits when going out to places. Now, it’s a trendy thing and people are judged based on how stylish their athleisure attire is! To add to the irony, athleisure clothing used to be pretty cheap. Now, it’s incredibly expensive and all the designer brands have got their own ranges for sale.

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Quilted jackets Conduct your own social experiment the next time it’s cold or wet outside. Go to any busy street or shopping center and count how many guys you see wearing quilted jackets. The chances are a good 80-90% of them will be wearing this style! It’s super trendy because it mingles great design with practicality. Quilted jackets are designed to be nicely padded for extra warmth in the colder months. Alongside this, they are usually waterproof, making them great rain jackets as well. As if that wasn’t enough, the style is nice enough to wear open and use as an accessory for a dinner outfit. North Face is a huge quilted jacket brand and you see their products a lot in winter, but even the likes of Versace and Gucci have options out there.

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Retro style No matter the year, you can almost always guarantee that retro fashion will be a trend. In 2020, a lot of men are looking towards the noughties throwback pieces. You definitely see this in the athleisure trend as well - loads of guys are wearing retro tracksuits from the late ’90s to early ’00s. It’s quite a unique era as this is where old school ‘90s fashion started to blend and merge into modern fashion we see today. Still, it’s not just athleisure where this trend is prominent - lots of men wear more oversized clothing, as was the custom in the noughties. Take a look at the sneaker designs that are currently popular, many of them feature the chunky noughties look and styles. Even some of the modern t-shirt designs have nods to the fashion trends of the early 2000s! If you’re a guy that’s looking to up his fashion game, keep these four trends in mind. Or, if you’re a girl that’s trying to buy clothing for a male friend or partner, these trends should give you a few ideas. The great thing about these four trends is that they are long-lasting ones. You can expect them to be popular for some time, rather than some trends that get a lot of hype for a month or two, then die out immediately.