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Actor Danny Mahoney  Stars  in "Purgatory" on Popstar! TV

Actor Danny Mahoney Stars in "Purgatory" on Popstar! TV

Purgatory follows the story of a group of strangers, who are invited to Shambala, a remote winter resort, for the New Year's Eve festivities. One person, however, has plans that don't involve celebrating.

Danny plays Christopher (Chris) who comes from a well-to-do family, which saw him moving around a lot while growing up, because of his father’s political career as an ambassador. Despite his affluent background, he’s become grounded and genuinely sincere over the years, mainly due to his relationship with his wife Marie, as well as his desire to live a life of his own, namely one that’s out from behind his father’s shadow. In his self discovery, his intelligence, drive, and natural charisma and leadership, have found him successfully running his own company, along with taking new and exciting risks and journeys across the globe, with his loving and loyal wife at his side.

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Purgatory streaming on Popstar! TV can you tell Ouch!  Magazine readers  more about your character in this series and more about the show if they never heard of it? 

Purgatory is about a group of strangers who are invited to an exclusive getaway at a remote mountain resort. They get lured into an underground cave and locked inside in a revenge plot for a terrible crime they all have some kind of connection to. They have to struggle to survive while searching for a way out and discovering the real reason each of them are down there in the first place. I play Chris, a successful, confident, businessman devoted to the love of his life, Marie.  I was drawn to the complexity of the character. On the outside Chris appears to have it all - money, success, love. But internally he knows he is a major disappointment to his father and knows that he is a failure in his eyes.  He is also hiding a very dark secret that is suddenly at risk of being exposed, and it would destroy his entire life if it got out. Originally I auditioned for a different character. Luckily they saw that I’d be better suited for the role of Chris and asked me to audition again. Ironically I had my first-ever zoom audition for this project because the team was in Los Angeles. I remember thinking how strange it was to be auditioning live over the internet from home (this was before the pandemic hit). Little did I know… 

How's it feel to be a part of the streaming tv world , where people can view a whole season in a day? 

I love it. Purgatory airs every Thursday night on Popstar TV, and then it’s available to stream via the app. I like this happy medium that shows are doing more and more now, where you can watch as many episodes as you like one after the other. And then once you are up to date with a show you have to wait for a new episode every week. It builds anticipation for the viewer, but they can still watch it at their convenience. I remember when I used to have to set the timer on the VCR to tape a show if I was going to be out when it aired. God help the person who accidentally hit a button that stopped the recording! 

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What's a day in your life like morning to evening? 

My morning routine is always the same. I watch the news while eating my breakfast, head to the gym, come home, stretch, shower, change, and eat lunch. After that it really depends on the day. I have jobs on the side that I do when I’m between acting jobs so I might be off to one of those, or seeing friends. I go to the theatre as much as I can (one of the biggest perks to living in London!). 

What's your health /workout routine like ? What couldn't you live without doing? 

Okay I’ll try my best to keep this brief haha. I go to the gym 5-6 days/week. I do the same routine which is a weights day/weights daylight cardio day/weights day/rest day, and repeat. I try my best to eat healthy but I have a massive sweet tooth and no self control. So I calorie count, that way I can still enjoy chocolate but don’t go overboard… most of the time. I think the term for when I go overboard in the fitness world is “cheat day”. Exercise is as much for my mental health as it is my physical health. So even if I can’t get to the gym I’ll still stick to my workout routine as best I can with home workouts. When the gyms were closed during the pandemic I got into the routine of going for an hour walk every day if I can fit it into my schedule. And I’ve tried to keep that up. It’s another great way to get some light exercise and tune off for a little bit and relax. 

Single or ready to mingle? What's your type? What do you consider your own personal style? 

I’m only recently off the market actually. I’m not able to define a type though. I find it can be limiting. There are certain values I look for in a person; kindness, empathy, and humor. I wish I was cool enough to have a personal style. I hate clothes shopping. If I had to describe my style it would be somewhere between an American and British business-casual look. But mostly you’ll find me in jeans and a t-shirt. 

What other projects are you involved in that fans can support for 2022 and beyond? 

‘Because of the pandemic I haven’t been home to see my family and friends for almost two years.

Now that travel restrictions have eased I booked October off so that I could come home for some much-needed family time. I just arrived back in London and am focusing on my career again so hopefully. I’ll have something exciting to report soon! ’

What's your ideal co-star and role? What have you binge watched yourself? 

I have always dreamed of being in an epic WWII movie or series like Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan. I loved history when I was in school and I’m always moved by the stories of every-day people in extraordinary circumstances. I don’t think we have the time for me to list everything I’ve binge watched in the past 18 months! So instead I’ll mention my favorite TV shows of all time, and they would be 24, and The Good Wife. (I will give a shout out to The Morning Show though, the first season was fantastic. And I was ecstatic to see Julianna Margulies was cast in season 2. I’m such a fan). 

How can fans reach out in support of you via social media? 

I am most active on instagram @dannymahoney1 and I occasionally tweet @danny_mahoney1