Waking Up with Truth Seeker Elizabeth April

Waking Up with Truth Seeker Elizabeth April

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Clairvoyant, truth seeker, expert past life regressionist, intuitive psychic, quantum teacher and best-selling author ELIZABETH APRIL (also known as EA), is here on a mission to help humanity awaken by expanding their mind to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer. Through her online community,  The School of Awakening, her Amazon best-selling book, You’re Not Dying You’re Just Waking Up, and her successful podcast, Expand, EA has brought her expertise to celebrity clientele like Demi Lovato, models, actors and musicians such as Chris Daughtry... as well as her huge online community. Each week on her podcast, EA dives into topics like the matrix, simultaneous time, consciousness, quantum physics, spirit guides, aliens, awakening, the mandela effect and much more.


How would we know if we have had a good or horrifying past life?

Without us knowing, past lives affect almost every aspect of our current one. Most likely, you feel automatically drawn to certain aspects of life because you've experienced them before in a positive way. Likewise, negative past life experiences influence the aspects that repulse you.


Think back to meeting someone for the first time and instantly feeling a certain way about them. Sometimes we don’t like people and have no idea why. It’s probably due to a past life trauma with that same soul.

Pay attention to your reactions, ask yourself why you like or dislike something, if you can’t figure out the why coming from this life, then a past life is usually to blame.


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What signs do we need to look for to not make the same mistakes?

Personally, I don’t believe in “mistakes.” I believe in lessons, either learned or not. When we learn from an experience, especially a bad one, we don't repeat it. However, when we aren't learning the lesson, it will come back in our lives many times over. Pay attention to the repeating patterns in your life.


Why do I keep attracting the same romantic partner?

If you find yourself thinking this often, there is something from that type of person you still need to learn. Awareness is key when ending old lessons and patterns.


How can we break out of any bad past life cycle? Can it be changed?

Absolutely. Every moment of every day, we are faced with a new beginning. You can change your entire life, right now if you so desired. Old energy from past lives will enter this one if you do not resolve them. Sometimes we call this old energy Karma.

Once again it comes down to awareness of the repeating patterns and willingness to change your actions and reactions around them. If we are constantly taking the same action, but expecting alternate results, we will get stuck in a spiral. It’s important to take different action around the same challenges, even when it’s difficult to do so. This advice will help you change any old or negative cycles in your life.


Do you believe in spirits that are trying to help or harm us in our modern lives?

Just like humans, I believe there are “good” and “bad” spirits out there. From what I’ve experienced, the “bad” spirits are just misguided and unresolved in their own existence, feeling the need to project that out onto others — similar to what humans tend to do when they are also unresolved or misguided.



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The best thing to do when facing a misguided spirit, or human, is to show them compassion; be the brighter light. It’s important for us to also recognize the incredibly loving and powerful spirits here to assist us on our journey through life.


Why do we get a feeling when we see people around certain people good and bad? Is this from our past lives?
When you get an immediate sense of good or bad, you’ve most likely encountered them in a past life. You’re probably contracted to meet them again in this one because there is unfinished energy between you. Maybe there are more lessons to learn or karma to complete with that individual. I recommend exploring that connection, whether good or bad, with an open heart and curious mind.


Do you have any spells or habits that we can do to protect our spiritual selves ?

I believe that every thought we have affects our reality. Think of your thoughts as spells if it helps you to emphasize the power they have over your life. Be aware of the vibration of your thoughts. The more negative you are internally, the more negativity you attract both physically and spiritually. The best advice I can give for protection is to see everything through the lens of gratitude. It will naturally raise your vibration and make you immune to any sort of dark energy.


When did you know you had this gift? How would you like to be remembered in history?
My parents told me they noticed I was interacting with the non-physical world at around the age of 2. I truly believe everyone has the gift to connect to this unseen world; it’s just a matter of putting aside the distractions around you and listening. I would like to be remembered, not for my human accomplishments, but for the information I shared. This information is not my own; I can never claim it.What I can do is push as hard as possible to disseminate the information and empower everyone in their own ability to receive it themselves.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Any other talents you have you care to share with your fans?
In 10 years, I see my job obsolete. I want to get humanity to a place where they don’t need me anymore. In 10 years I hope everyone has access to infinite amounts of information so that I can just rest and be human. One hobby I would love to get back into while resting is painting and art. I miss the creative flow and putting my 3rd eye visions on a canvas.


What projects are you working on that we need to watch out for?

I am currently in the middle of an epic book which I believe will help to unlock humanities DNA. I am also working on a non-profit vision so that I can continue to provide value to my community and support for those who need it.


How can fans support you on social media? How often are you taping your podcast and where?
I am so beyond grateful for my community; I feel their love and support every day. Just watching, sharing, and following is a great way they can support and give back.

I release new connect on my Cosmic Society membership every week, and new podcast episodes are released every week as well. Once again, my aim is to help empower humanity through the information I channel.


What do you hope people get out of your shared knowledge?

Strength, courage, empowerment, awakening, DNA activation, and the realization you are the only ones creating your reality.