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Actor Will Traval x Ouch Magazine

Actor Will Traval x Ouch Magazine


Actor Will Traval x Ouch Magazine

Photographer Brianna Alysse

Editor: Rhonda McKnight


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1. What did you think of the character that you play now on Jessica jones when you first read the script? Was this your first choice?


I found Simpson to be mysterious at first. I wasn't given a lot of information about other than 'he is obsessed with protecting people' and that was it. That was a great starting point for a character and I think Simpson developed into a very complex unpredictable man.


2. How did you prepare for the role?

I did a fair bit of combat training as well as researching the experiences of real veterans and the NYPD, speaking with some truly heroic men.


3. We see you have to be nude or half nude a lot on the show "Jessica Jones'. What are your tips for keeping in shape?




4. Where in the storyline would you like to see your character go in the next season?

I would love to see Simpson's redemption. He needs to make good for all the havoc he caused and the people he hurt in season one. OR MAYBE JUST CAUSE MIRE HAVOC.

5. How is it working on a new tv show, had you met any of your cast members before the show?

I had known and worked with the extraordinary Rachel Taylor in Australia years ago. It was very exciting to get the chance to work with her again. And of course, I had worked Mel Rosenberg and Erin Moriarty before. Mel is such an amazing creative force and is hands down my favorite.


6. What does it mean to be a actor in your mind?

Telling the character's stories in ways that your audience empathize with and understand hopefully so they can see themselves in the character.


7. Do you have any hobbies or talents you'd like to share?

I am passionate about cooking. Other than acting nothing gives me as much pleasure as cooking for friends and putting a smile on their faces.


8. Are you single and if so what's your ideal mate like?

I am not single

9. How long have you been in the entertainment world and what would you be doing if you were not a gifted actor?

See question 7. Lol


10. Where do you call home and where is your favorite vacation spot in the world?

I call LA home for now. My favorite vacation spot is anywhere in the woods. Give me trees, trees, trees.


11. What other projects do you have lined up that you'd like to share?

Nothing has been confirmed yet ;)


12. How can fans reach out you are you on any social networking site?


Use @wiltraval for Twitter Wil Traval on Facebook