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Armenian actress, “It-girl,” and superstar in the making Ella Mika is taking over screens nationwide next month as she stars in TBS' "CHAD." Features SNL alum, Nasim Pedrad who created, wrote, and executive produced the show. Ella stars as "Niki", 'Chad's' younger, popular sister, that often bickers with her dorky brother at school and in family settings. 'Chad' Nasim Pedrad is on a mission to become popular using every trick in the book, all while the two endure their mother's new dating life and reconcile with cultural identity. Packed full of comedy, improv and those cringy middle-school moments we all love and loathe the same, we would love to arrange an interview with you and Ella to discuss the amazing experience of shooting a comedy alongside Nasim Pedrad, her future projects, and the importance of diverse representation in Hollywood.

Photographer  Alex Stone
What's it like being born in the city of Yerevan? When did you move to the United States? How's it different, and what do you miss?

Being born in Yerevan was a beautiful experience. When I was born, all my family celebrated with fireworks and a huge dinner. Neighbors and others joined in because back in Armenia, neighbors were close to one another like family. My parents are also from Armenia, so my first language was Armenian. I was around the age of one when we had hit the lottery for the green card and moved to the U.S. When I was three years old, we visited Armenia again for a bit almost as a vacation. We visited once more when I was nine, so lots of my memories of my home country are from those two time periods. I miss the kindhearted, welcoming people in the villages and city. The nature in Armenia is also so gorgeous. Children are also able to go to stores alone and play outside carefree without worrying about kidnapping or any crimes against them, which were one of my favorite parts about Armenia. It’s such a beautiful country and I can’t wait to visit again.
What was your very first acting role, and how did you do at your very first audition?

My very first “professional” acting role was in the background of an old commercial that I don’t remember the name of. It was my first and smallest role. My first role where I got to act was for a commercial for My Little Pony. It was called the “My Little Pony: Cutie Mark Crew” and I remember I had so much fun filming it. One of my most distinct memories is the day of my first ever audition. I had my two first auditions on the same day. One was for a movie about Michael Jackson and his daughter Paris and I remember I coached a lot for it and was so determined. I felt super nervous when I had entered, but I did well and didn’t mess up any of my lines. My second audition that day was for a TV channel, I believe, and I was just asked a few questions. I used to love talking and storytelling a lot, so that second audition was a breeze for me.
The new role you co-star in "Chad", how did you hear about the audition? What was the vibe on set?

When my manager originally sent me the audition, I was so confused as to why an adult woman, Nasim Pedrad, would be playing a young teenage boy for such an unusual show. I thought it was going to be a show that was like those on Nickelodeon, but I soon realized it wasn't. I’m so glad I auditioned for my part because the whole filming process was one of the best things I have done in my life. Everyone on set was filled with positive vibes and kindness. All the cast and crew were so outgoing and easygoing and the vibes while filming were just so fun and enjoyable.

How different are you and you're on-set character?

My on-set character, Niki, is full of personality and is super stylish, something I’d like to say is similar between the both of us. A lot like me and my sister, she’s always fighting with her sibling, Chad, but she has a soft spot for him too. A big difference between my on-set character and me is that Niki is super straightforward. Whatever she thinks is what she says, and that’s something I don’t do. I like to take a moment to think before I speak. My character is also pretty popular in school, which I wouldn’t say is a similarity. She also has a larger friend group, whereas I like to keep my circle smaller. Overall though, she’s a sweet girl at heart full of a passion for excitement and adventure which I’d say is our biggest similarity.


Where do you call home, and where would you most love to visit that you have not?

Anywhere in nature is home to me, but specifically places in nature with a body of water, like the beach. After nature, I’d say my bed and fuzzy blanket are also home to me. I’d love to visit Bali, Indonesia just for its amazing wildlife and scenery so hopefully, that will happen soon.

Do you have a beauty and wellness routine?

Yes, I don’t follow this routine all the time, even though I probably should, but sometimes when I feel like I need to relax I’ll follow this routine. I’ll start off with a nice warm shower and use my favorite body wash and hair serum. After my shower, I get dressed and brush my hair out and then grab a towel and use it to help my natural curls form better. Then for my face, I like to start off with a scrub, but I only use a scrub once in a while, so I don’t harm my skin. After the scrub, I take a gentle foaming cleanser for oily skin and use it to cleanse my face. Then I’ll use some face oil and use my jade roller to help my skin really take it all in. Once my skin has taken in a bit of the oil with the roller, I use my Gua Sha tool to help the blood circulation in my face, which helps a lot with blood circulation and calming down puffiness. Lastly, I apply some moisturizer and massage it into my skin. Every once in a while when I really want to spend time on myself, I’ll use a hydrating face mask after cleansing and then follow along with the rest of the steps. This is what works for my skin personally.

How do you stay humble and positive through these times we're living in?

I try to remember that everything happens for a reason and that if something happened, it is meant to happen. I try to look at situations with the mentality of “what can I learn from this” instead of getting upset as often as possible. Not only that, but I also remind myself of how fortunate and lucky I am to be living in such conditions during such a difficult time for many and how privileged it makes me. Furthermore, I always remain grateful for everything I have and am.

What other projects should we be looking out for besides the “CHAD”?

"CHAD” has been renewed for Season 2, so that will be my next project!

How can fans reach out to you via social media? Which one is your favorite-Instagram or TikTok?
They can reach out to me on Instagram @ellamikaofficial and on TikTok @_ella_mika. My favorite to post on and reach out to fans with is Instagram! Watch Ella Mika on “CHAD” Tuesday nights at 10:30/9:30c on TBS