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Van Helsing’s Dan Cade featured in Ouch Magazine

Van Helsing’s Dan Cade featured in Ouch Magazine

Dan Cade @Dancadereal

Photographer: Chris Jon
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Born and raised in London, Dan a classic thespian, began his training at the age of 16.  After a series of auditions he found success with roles such as “Carnival Row” (Amazon Prime), “Kinghtfall” (A&E Networks), and “Legends” (TNT).  With the growing interest in all things British culture (thanks in part to THE CROWN), Dan, in a fun, cheeky way, can also speak to the allure of their accent, and what why so many are crossing the pond and infiltrating roles in America. 


Can you tell me more about your role on Netflix TV series, “Borgia”?

I played Galeotto Schlafenatus, an Italian soldier on the side of the Borgia clan. He is cold and military and betrays Juan Borgia and then meets a sticky end.

How did you discover the part?

I knew the show was in production with the director Olivier Hirshbiegel, who is critically acclaimed, and it was a Canal Plus production. I persevered with the project until I got a self tape to do for the role of Galeotto and I landed the role through auditioning.


What were some of the things you had to do to prepare for the role? 

This was my first major production, so I was very nervous. The director of my episodes was Dearbhla Walsh, who won an Emmy shortly before, I knew this could be a stepping stone in my career, so I just prepared and rehearsed my lines and scenes and demeanor of a cold military soldier over and over until I was on the set.

If you have to pick one profession, which one would it be you could live without?

I could live without ever going to work in an office job. I’m very active and just couldn’t sit behind a desk all day, so I could definitely live without that.

Have you been always a creative person? 
Yes, from a young age, starting in martial arts tapped into my creative side, so it’s been in me ever since childhood.

How do you stay humble in the world of entertainment? 

It’s easy to stay humble when you have to constantly chase acting roles and be tested. There’s a lot of rejection, so you learn to stay humble and when you get a job you’re very grateful due to the amount of competition for each role.

What's your ultimate goal in life, career and peace of mind?

Career wise, I’d love to be a series Reg in a hit show and have a constant flow of work and have choice in my career. So to be content in every area of life, career and personal life.

Where do you call home, and where is a place you haven't gone you'd love to? 

Well, I live between London and LA. I’d like to call LA main home eventually. At the moment it’s London, so I’m working on that. A place I’d love to go to is New Zealand. I hope my work takes me there one day, otherwise I will visit sometime. It seems to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Do you have any other projects lined up that fans could watch out for? 

You can see me in Atlantic Crossing on PBS where I play Joseph Lockard, the real life air radar operative who could have stopped Pearl Harbour. I have a Netflix show coming out called Terra Vision, and I’m currently shooting an Icelandic crime drama, which will be released globally at some point next year.

How can fans reach out to you via social media? 
They can get me on Instagram at @DanCade.official and Twitter on Dancadereal.