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Actress Kathryn Kohut stars in Feeling Butterflies

Actress Kathryn Kohut stars in Feeling Butterflies

Actress Kathryn Kohut stars in Feeling Butterflies

Photography  Kristina Ruddick

Actress Kathryn Kohut stars in Feeling Butterflies

Wow you know martial arts. You're a woman after my heart. How did this come about? 

Oh that is great to hear! I have always wanted to learn a martial art, but one of my excuses for not pursuing it was that I travelled too much. So a few years ago, when I finally felt a bit more settled in Toronto, I started training in Muay Thai at Old School Muay Thai with James Hines. I was actually in a really dark place at the time, especially with the added uncertainty of the world, and starting that training and that practice really helped me. I would love to use my training in a future role one day, being in an action movie is high on my list! 

You're a multi-faceted entertainer. What's the hardest to be - actress, model or social media star? 

Oh, they are all demanding in their own ways. For me acting is definitely the most challenging which It’s why I find it most rewarding, and why I love it so much. Although, I would definitely not call myself a “social media star”, despite what both of my followers would say haha. 

 Tell us more about your role in “Feeling Butterflies”. What can audiences expect from the film? 

‘Feeling Butterflies is a feel good romcom! It’s silly and cute and will make people laugh. I play a very outgoing character named Mandy. Her personality and her outfits are going to entertain everyone a lot haha. ’


What is your favorite moment of your career so far and why? 

I have had many great moments, so it’s really hard to choose only one! Aside from all of the incredible people I have gotten to work with, I’ll have to say getting the call from my agent telling me I booked my first number one was really cool - You never forget your first! 

How do you stay inspired? 

I find almost everything has the potential to inspire me. Small life moments, to the people in my life, other artists and creators, music, art, animals, and travel. They can all spark ideas and feelings.

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 Do you have any other upcoming projects you'd like to share

Yes,! I have 5 projects coming out this year! I am really excited for all of them. Feeling Butterflies of course, comes out this month, but still to be released are: Love in Yellowstone Left Behind The Perfect Caregiver Ride or Die The film that I am still currently on-set for is the one I am most excited about - Ride or Die! It will be released on Tubi and it’s the most enjoyable project I’ve been a part of thus far! 

How can fans follow and support you via social media? 

My instagram is @kathrynkohut and I post a lot about upcoming projects and my days on set! 

My TikTok handle is @kathrynkohut and my videos there are a lot more fun haha.

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