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The Most Promising Projects from Revell Carpenter

The Most Promising Projects from Revell Carpenter

Photographer: Antoine Verglas.  

 Stylist :Alison Hernon. 

 Hair: Luis Guillermo

Makeup: Billie Gene 

You are super busy with projects. Let's start with Deadly Debutante on Lifetime Channel. What's your  character like in this movie?

Yes! I’ve been so lucky to stay busy. Deadly Debutante was such a blast to be a part of – my character’s name was Mia, and I was definitely the mean girl. For any Gossip Girl fans, I would always say I felt like the female Chuck Bass. So much fun since I am nothing like that in real life!


How was it on the set of this movie behind the scenes? Can you give us any special moments?

It was really great. We shot in Oklahoma and the majority of us had never spent much time there, so we all got to explore it a bit together. The amazing Lindsay Hartley was our director (I have gotten to work with her again since then too). She comes from the acting world, so I always felt like I could talk to her about ideas I had for the character, and I ended up learning so much from her. A funny moment on set was that we were pretty sure one of the floors of the school we were shooting at was haunted. So we were always freaking each other out thinking we saw the ghost.

Are you a thriller or horror junkie or what's your favorite genre?

I love thrillers and action movies! They’re such a rush to play in as an actor, as well as watch. I also love comedies. I just wrapped a short film called ‘Cupcake’ with the crew from ‘Righteous Gemstones’ – didn’t stop laughing the whole shoot. 

Actress Revell Carpenter speaks about here future projects we need to watch/ouch magazine

Top all time favorite 5 movies and your most inspired actors you love watching.

Hmmm. They honestly change ALL the time, and I am a fan of a lot of different franchises. Here it goes, in no particular order: Harry Potter (can’t choose which!), Moulin Rouge, Just Friends, Thor: Ragnarok, SkyFall.

I love action stars, like Daniel Craig as Bond, Matt Damon as Bourne, Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft and as a spy in the movie ‘Salt’ (particularly because I speak Chinese & Russian). But I also have such a love for comedic actors, Anna Faris being one I have always admired. It is so hard to nail comedy, and she is such a master of it. 

You are also co starring with Maeve Quinlan. What's your role in this project?

I adore Maeve!!! We were inseparable on set, and definitely stay in touch! We worked on ‘A Job To Die For’ (working title) directed by David Benullo. This one was SO fun. It is a thriller about an ambitious fashion assistant and her abusive boss – similar to ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ – but turns into something very different and action-packed. I play Sadie, an eager fashion student with dreams of being a designer. But once I take a job working for Ms. Moreau (Maeve’s character), danger seems to follow me.

Who is your dream co-star or director on a project?

My forever icon has always been Charlize Theron. She is so talented, and just seems like the coolest person. I think it would be the ultimate dream to get to work with her one day.

What keeps you humble in your rise to success?

The majority of my friends and family work in finance and other industries outside of entertainment. There is definitely something humbling about the inconsistency of the acting profession and having to explain to people why you’re chasing it. 

What other project should we watch out for 2022?

‘The Nanny Knows’ is another film I have coming out on Lifetime in early 2022 – I play a nanny who witnesses some bad behavior at work. I also have two films coming out on streaming platforms: ‘Follower’ – where I am an influencer on a hike with her friends, getting stalked by her followers, and ‘Hell Hole’ – starring Tom Sizemore and Tiny Lister, about a haunted mine. I also recently shot a film starring Jon Heder and Billy Zane, ‘Tapawingo’, a super fun oddball comedy. Then, of course, we have ‘A Job To Die For’ with Maeve!

How can fans reach out and support you via social media and do you have any last words?

Definitely Instagram – I respond to everything! The pandemic has kept everyone fairly separate, and all premieres/festivals have been virtual of course, so it is so special to hear when someone watches! My last words would be to everyone out there experiencing the peaks and valleys of working in this pandemic – we’re all feeling it! And kind words can go a long way.