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Jessi Case stars in American Refugee let's talk

Jessi Case stars in American Refugee let's talk


Photographer - Ben Cope

Stylist - Anna Schilling 

Hair & Makeup - Blondie at Exclusive Artist


What does Young Hollywood mean to you nowadays?

Who would you consider on the top actors list now?

To me, Young Hollywood is a world of young creatives aiming to tell stories that are personally meaningful. What’s cool about now is that you can make a movie on your iPhone so there are plenty of opportunities for storytelling at our fingertips which means more artists are burgeoning. It’s hard to say who’s on top but I have a long list of actors I admire.


How different is Hollywood actors world in 2022 compared to ten years ago? What have you seen improve or still needs to improve?

There’s always going to be something to improve but we’ve definitely seen progress! Thankfully now there are more opportunities for women and people of color. The bravery of the #MeToo movement shifted the industry and had a kind of domino effect, making space for more, maybe previously silenced, voices to be heard and made the industry feel safer for most people. 


Can You tell me more about your new role in ‘ON A WING AND A PRAYER’.?

On a Wing and a Prayer is based on a true story. After a pilot dies while flying, a passenger is forced to land the plane to save his family. I’m part of that family, I play Maggie White, who is a real and lovely human. It’s an intense story that had me weeping when I read the script so I can only imagine how moving the final product will be.


What draws you to taking certain roles you are given? What roles are you just not that into doing?

It’s exciting to become characters I haven’t played before. Even if the character doesn’t necessarily jump off the page, it’s the actors job to bring the character to life and make them interesting. That said, there’s no role I’m not into doing 


- I’m always up for a challenge.


Do you have any other aspirations as well for the future with acting?

I’ve studied with studios and I learn a lot on my own; exploring psychology, reading, and watching films. I feel like the more passionate you are, the more you want to improve and there’s always something to learn. I think every artist strives to have more creative control in their careers so that they can tell stories that mean something to them. That said, I’d love to produce, write, and direct in addition to acting. 


Who’s your Hollywood crush living and or  dead?

Andy Samberg always

Whats you beauty / health routine like in a day?

Making time for this routine, especially on busy days, is self-care. First thing I do in the morning is affirmations and then I’ll do yoga and cycle or some kind of HIIT; whatever I’m feeling up for. Then, I’ll rinse off and do skincare. Drink a bunch of water and maybe some tea before making breakfast. Then I’ll probably meditate. Before the day ends, I find time to read and get some vitamin D. I swear by these little rituals, that take just a small percentage of the day. 


Name your top 5 movies you love:

Cinema Paradiso

It’s a Wonderful Life

La La Land


What other projects are you working on in this year and 2023?

Last year, I wrote a short film that I’m planning to make this year; it’s quite ambitious but I’m planning to act, direct, and produce. There’s always more to come and a lot to look forward to.


How can fans reach out and support you via social media?



Jessi Case stars in American Refugee let's talk