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Actress Taegen Burns of The  Mick Ducks : Game Changers

Actress Taegen Burns of The Mick Ducks : Game Changers

Nicole Mitchem Photography

First off, you have the best name “TAEGEN,” do you know the meaning of your name?

Thank you! My name is of Irish/Welsh descent and it means poet, fair, and beautiful.


How excited are you for your second season of “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers? 

How different are you from your character and how are you the same?

I’m incredibly excited for the second season of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers and even more thrilled for the viewers to be able to watch it. Maya and I do have a few similarities, but we do have our differences as well. The biggest similarity between us is just how much we care about our friends. We’re always there for them if they need advice.  Although, I would say that Maya is a bit more assertive than I am.


How do you prepare for such a role?

Preparing to play Maya certainly required a lot of hard-core hockey training. Prior to filming, my coworkers and I completed a two week training hockey “bootcamp” where we spent anywhere from one to three hours daily practicing anything from general skating to shooting and passing. I actually really enjoyed it, but I certainly felt sore! In the end though, it was all worth it. I felt that participating in the training made me more confident and capable of completing my stunts with ease.


Any spoilers you can let us in on for season 2?

As far as spoilers are concerned—my lips are sealed. You’ll just have to tune in to Disney+ on September 28th!


Why do you think people love a series like this one?

I think anyone who enjoys watching television shows with a fair mix of comedic timing, teenage drama, the growing pains of being a teen, or hockey will love a series like Mighty Ducks. I think that most everyone can find characters to relate to in the show, whether in a big or small way. There are also plenty of moments that make you want to laugh and maybe even cry a little bit. I also think fans will enjoy this series because of the nostalgia they feel. I was so happy to hear fans reach out last season saying that they watched it with their parents who grew up with the Mighty Ducks movies.


Do you have any other projects you care to mention for 2023?

I don’t have any projects so far for 2023. I do have a small role in the upcoming series Monarch which will premiere on Fox on September 11th. I portray a younger version of Nicky who is played by Anna Friel.  You might not recognize me at first glance, so be on the lookout in Episode 4 and possibly 6!


What is your beauty routine like? How do you stay healthy in this busy line of work?

I have quite sensitive skin so I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years working with my dermatologist to figure out the best routine for me. When I am working, the impact of constantly wearing makeup usually irritates my skin.  Luckily, I had a wonderful makeup artist on Mighty Ducks who really listened and helped me to find products that didn’t stress my skin out as much.

To stay healthy physically and mentally I often go on walks at night with my family or in the morning to clear my head. Occasionally, I will take breaks from social media and focus more on my schooling and being a normal teen when I am not working!

 Where do you call home? Where is a place you’d love to visit that you haven’t had a chance to?

I call the sunshine state, Florida, my home and have my entire life. I would love to move to a place where I’m able to experience snow in the winter or a place where I could see mountains every day. I’d be very happy traveling all across Europe, but Greece holds a special place in my heart. My great grandfather was born there and I’d love to visit the place where he lived before immigrating to the United States.

How can fans support you via social media?

Fans who want to keep up with my life and support me can follow me on Instagram and TikTok at “taegen.burns.” I am much more active on Instagram though!

What inspires you in life?

I have always felt inspired by my family. They have supported me throughout my acting journey as well as my other dreams and goals in life. I feel very grateful to have them as my support system on my journey, so far as a young adult.