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Chad Rook  our MAN-CRUSH of the Month

Chad Rook our MAN-CRUSH of the Month



What makes this new film different from the others in the series?

"War for the Planet of the Apes” is the climax we’ve all been waiting for in the Caesar storyline. Not to mention this is the main plot line for all the Planet of the Apes stories out there. We get to see the actual war that creates the Planet of the Apes and not only the battle but the result as well.

2. What is your character's role and how is it different from you in real life? I play “Boyle” who is one the Colonel’s (Woody Harrelson) go to soldiers in regards to getting things done. He is a very aggressive, brutal and no-remorse type character. Boyle fights for the humans and sees the apes as nothing more than a threat that he is more than happy to get rid of. Now if you compare that character with me in real life? Haha, I’m probably one of the biggest animal lovers you’ll ever meet! Let’s just say that Boyle and I couldn’t be further on the “animal-love” spectrum from each other.

3. How would you describe the rest of the cast in the film? Surreal. Watching Andy Serkis perform as Caesar on set is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Not to mention working alongside Woody was kind of a dream in the making. I’ve watched him my whole life, all the way back to his “Cheers” days. To be laughing and joking on set with him, and then all of a sudden see him transform into “the Colonel” as soon as "ACTION' was called was absolutely one of the coolest things.

4. Whats the most difficult thing about this series so far and what is the most exciting? I think the evolvement of technology and what we are now able to do with the apes graphically would have been one of the biggest challenges in the past. This is the type of series that requires CGI, and up until the last couple films the technology wasn’t the best. At the same time, I feel the advancements in technology are now also the most exciting part. The technology is where it needs to be and needless to say, the realism it has created in this film is beyond exciting, and I honestly feel it will leave audiences jaw-dropped.

5. Do you do any of your own stunts in the film? If so, what is the hardest stunt you've done?

I always TRY to do as many stunts as I can but it’s ultimately up to the producers if they’ll allow me to do it. It’s a big risk to have the actors do major stunts, because if it goes wrong then you can end up with no actor halfway through a shoot. In this film, I don’t really have too many stunts other than falls and such, but I have done stunts for other projects. Recently, I sprained my ankle on the set of “Timeless” as I was jumping into a Time Machine. My ankle rolled when I landed and unfortunately it ended up being a major sprain...and on the last take of the day.

6. How would you describe your acting style? I’m definitely a character actor. I refuse to play a “normal” person. That’s not what I’m in acting for. I love the thrill and excitement of playing characters that are out of this world or have deep emotional issues or a messed up the background for me to incorporate into a character. I always look for characters and roles that require me to change both physically and mentally. THAT is acting to me, and that is what I love to do. I love when people meet me in person and assume that I’m going to be a jerk because of my characters on screen. I think I throw them off when I greet them with a smile and a hug,

7. What inspires you? People who have success solely due to hard work. Not people who have been handed success through family members, or got instant fame because of some scandalous video. People who worked their asses off from the bottom and made it to the top by themselves.

That’s inspiring to me.

Chad Rook
8. Where do you call home?

I’ve lived in Vancouver, Canada now for almost 20 years so that’s definitely my home-base now. At the same time, I was raised in a small town outside of Lethbridge, Alberta Canada and that’s still where my mom and brothers live, so that will always be home to me.

9. What other projects can we look forward to from you, this year or next?

I just finished filming a new mermaid pilot called “Sirens”, and we just found out it got picked up and will be airing in Summer of 2018. I’m definitely looking forward to being a part of this series, and I think fans will really get on board with such a cool and unique storyline. Plus, mermaids are just cool.

10. How can fans reach out to you via social media Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? It’s all under @ChadRook or Chad Rook. And of course, my main website is always being updated with the latest news.