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Christian & Sebastian Cote   Disney+'s Cheaper by the Dozen

Christian & Sebastian Cote Disney+'s Cheaper by the Dozen

Christian & Sebastian Cote   Disney+'s Cheaper by the Dozen/ ouch magazine

Photographer: Teren Oddo

Identical twins, Christian and Sebastian Cote star in Cheaper by the Dozen, now streaming exclusively on Disney+. The emerging duo makes their feature film debut as Bailey and Bronx Baker; Paul (Zach Braff) and Zoey's (Gabrielle Union) biological twin sons in the reimagining of the 2003 family favorite with Steve Martin, Bonnie Hunt, and Hilary Duff. 

After blending their two families, the couple has to navigate a hectic home life while simultaneously managing their family business.

Have you watched the other versions of 'Cheaper by the Dozen?' Your wardrobe was so good, did you help with any outfits?  

Yes, we’ve watched the 2003 version and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 .

Christian: We didn’t help put our outfits together, but my favorite was the one with all continents and states. 

Christian & Sebastian Cote   Disney+'s Cheaper by the Dozen/ouch magazine/2

Sebastian: We wore a lot of pajamas for our wardrobe.

How fun is it to act with your twin? How were the other kids on set?

Did you learn any acting tips from your peers?

Sebastian: I enjoy acting with my twin because whenever I need a break, he can take my place. The other kids on set were super fun. We got to play games like chess and joke with each other.  

Christian: Acting with my twin is fun because there's someone else there to practice my lines with. As far as tips, we learned to stay focused even during really funny scenes.

Tell me more about your characters Bronx and Bailey Baker. How was it working with Gabrielle Union? She's amazing.

Sebastian: Bronx Baker is clumsy and hyper because he’s always moving. 

Christian & Sebastian Cote   Disney+'s Cheaper by the Dozen/ouch magazine/3

Christian: Bailey Baker is funny because he thinks he’s sneaky and likes to pretend that he’s Bronx.

Working with Gabrielle was fun because she added lots of funny moments that weren't in the script. 

How can people tell you two apart? What are the big differences in both of your personalities?

Sebastian: People can tell me apart from my brother because I have a birthmark on my forehead and a scar from where a dog bit me on my eyebrow. 

Christian: You can tell that I am Christian because I have 2 moles on my right cheek and another mole above my upper lip.

Sebastian: The big differences in our personalities is that I am really energetic, I love to clean and listen to music.


Christian: Some differences in our personalities are that I am very witty, I like to cook because I like to eat and I talk A LOT. 

Do you have anyone in your family that's in the entertainment industry?

How did you know you wanted to become actors?

Sebastian: Just my brother. I knew I wanted to become an actor when I did our first self tape audition and it was super fun.

Christian: Besides my brother, nobody else is in the entertainment industry. I knew I wanted to become an actor when I got to play a role that was very serious. 

Do you have any upcoming projects we should look out for? 

Not yet, but we are looking forward to new projects. 

 Who is your dream co-star? 

Sebastian: My dream co-star to work with is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in an action-packed movie like 'Fast & Furious.'

 Christian: My dream co-star is Madea (Tyler Perry) because she’s so funny. 

How can fans reach out to support you via social media?

You can follow us on Instagram at: @thecote_twins