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DC's Legend of Tomorrow actress Lisa Marie Digiacinto

DC's Legend of Tomorrow actress Lisa Marie Digiacinto



Photography: Charlie Nesbitt

Interview Editor:@ouchmagazineny

How do you choose the right roles?

My agent knows me, my vibe, and strengths very well, and at this point, I really trust that she wouldn’t suggest a role that wasn’t right for me.  Sometimes I get character roles and they're great too. Those, even though out of my reality, are still kind of in the range of my vibe.


Are you an action movie lover? What's your favorite genre of movies?

I love all types of movies, especially those with a little comedy and a love story. I also love drama and suspense films. If they make me cry and/or think hard about the content, I’m definitely drawn in. 


What kind of parts in a movie would just not work for you? Or are you down for whatever?

I'm definitely over gratuitous nudity, but I'm pretty much down for whatever role as long as the production is high quality, and the message, story, and character are good.


Tell us about your new roles for 2020?

So far, more of Ali on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, mixed with a little Hallmark! I just finished filming a part on the Hallmark Mystery movie series Aurora Teagarden Mystery: Heist and Seek.  I've also been auditioning for some great pilots, so fingers crossed I'll have some news with one or two of those soon enough! 


I read that you volunteer. What kind of volunteering do you participate in? 

Sometimes I volunteer as a guest teacher for acting students at various schools in Vancouver and back in my hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I have also visited some high schools and guest taught some drama classes so that I can help teens understand the business and give some guidance in terms of steps to take if they are looking to pursue a career in film and TV.  This is a very mysterious industry and for kids outside of the larger cities, it can definitely seem like a pipe dream. In addition, I have volunteered my time in all aspects of the creation of indie projects, as there's always an investment to be made to make your dreams come true and it's very inspiring to be part of the indie film community. Everybody works so hard and so much teamwork is involved.


How often do you get a whole day off?

Admittedly, if I choose to, I can have many days off. However, I try to fill these days with proactive self-work, fitness, and yoga, learning my ukulele, writing and reading. Oh, and of course, I watch a ton of film and TV and try to get out to some live theater too!


You have acted as a wife or girlfriend on TV and movies. What goes through your mind whenever you have a kissing scene?

I really just try to be in the moment of the character! So, if my character is in love with the kissee, then I feel all the love and think about the love we have under the imaginary circumstances. 



How hard is acting from a scale of 1-10?

11 [laughs]! However, over time, it becomes a lot easier. It took me a few years and tons of training to be authentic and natural. But it also depends on the role because some characters are a little harder to relate to. 



Where did you train or are you self taught? 

Definitely not self-taught [laughs]. I started training in Calgary, Alberta at Company of Rogues Actor's Studio, then headed off to Vancouver where I mostly worked with Shae Hampton, and also trained with Andrew McIlroy. 



What would you be if you were not an actress?

I'd probably be working in broadcasting, I've always wanted to host TV shows and conduct interviews. I've actually taken some broadcasting courses and used to work at a radio station and have auditioned for hosting gigs in the past. I’d also be interested in working in advertising and sales as I have education and work experience in those fields as well. 


Do you have any outside hobbies? 

“I have many. I thoroughly enjoy yoga, dance, singing, and writing scripts and scenes.”


Single or not single? 

I’m currently single.


If single, what's your type? 

I like men who are gentlemen but have a tougher side, and who definitely have a sense of humor and can engage in witty banter. I also enjoy a man who is ambitious and can have deep conversations, but also just be silly with me and have fun! Down to earth and authentic are key.


What should we look out for in 2021 in regard to new projects? 

Hopefully, you’ll see Ali with a superpower of Legends. But keep your eyes open for projects that are edgy, emotional, but yet funny with a bit of sass. I just can’t talk about them yet. 


How can fans reach out to you via social media?

You can find me on Instagram at @The-Real_LisaD and on Twitter at @lisadigiacinto.


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