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Emmy-Nominee actress  Melora Hardin Stars in  “Love, Classified” on Hallmark Channel

Emmy-Nominee actress  Melora Hardin Stars in  “Love, Classified” on Hallmark Channel

Charlie Nunn Photography /Emmy-Nominee actress  Melora Hardin Stars in  “Love, Classified” on Hallmark Channel 

Charlie Nunn Photography

Please let me know and fans how it was working with Steven Carell in the Office.

This show is such an iconic tv show!

Steve Carell was wonderful to work with! He really knows how to “play ball” in a scene and isn’t afraid of curve balls. I always felt like he was ready to receive whatever I tossed his way, and I was always eager to see what he was going to toss my way! It was literally “a ball” to play Jan, who has become an iconic character, and to be on a show that has become so iconic! I’m thrilled that I was part of it!

How are the behind the scenes on The Office?

Everyone was great when I was there. Greg Daniels really set a tone of collaboration between the writers and actors, and I felt like we were all always looking for the funniest, most truthful way to tell the story in the world of “The Office” reality.

Let us know about your new project Rom-Com, Love Classified. What's your character like?

“Love, Classified” is the first time Hallmark has dipped their toe into the LGBTQ+ world, which shows growth for them, and I was attracted to that about the script and the way my character, Emilia Bloom, accepts and celebrates her daughter’s choice. The story is about love in many forms. My character is a romance novelist who has some mending to do around her own heart and the people she loves most, her children. Emilia is a whirlwind who spins love everywhere she goes, even though she has neglected her own heart’s longings. She learns a lot and makes amends, which helps others heal and grow as well.

Where did you film? 


How do you stay humble with all your fabulous accomplishments?

We’d like to thank you for making us laughs.  It is so wonderful to know that what I do brings joy into the world.

I think gratitude keeps us humble and connected to the most important things in life which ultimately comes down to how you make people feel.’

I also have a wonderful husband of 25 years, actor Gildart Jackson, and two glorious daughters who always keep me grounded!


Would you ever direct or write a tv series or movie/If you would, who would you love to be its lead actors?

Yes, I’d love to act in and/or direct something I’d created! There are so many talented actors out there.  I would just want to find the perfect person for the part regardless of their previous credits.  As an actor and a director I’m always looking for truthful and surprising moments by an actor which is what would make them my choice!

What other projects are involved in this year and the next 2023?

I have been directing and I’m also in a documentary that I’ve been making for the last 4 years called THUNDER, HUNTER & ME and I am currently looking for the right home for it.  The documentary is about real life serendipity, women holding women up, and what it really takes to transform trauma and it is, ultimately, an invitation for others to do their own healing.  I can’t wait for it to get out into the world and start inspiring healing of all kinds!  I’m also just about to launch my wallpaper made out of my collage art.  My wallpaper is called “STORYBOARDS BY MELORA HARDIN” and I’ll let people know where and when it’s available on my social media platforms.  

What's your secret to being ageless and beautiful?

‘Great genes, and honoring my body as my temple.’

 I have been taking good care of myself, my health, my skin and my body all my life and was lucky to have grandparents up into their late 90s and my parents are now in their 80s and 90s so I saw and see how important it is to honor our physical being as well as our emotional being which feeds into one another.  I’m so grateful that I started young and hope that this vehicle we go through life with can stay healthy, strong and capable for a long long time!!

How can fans follow and support your work via social media?

On Instagram: @MeloraDHardin and on Twitter and Facebook: @MeloraHardin