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Heartlyn Rae: The Ultimate Podcast Experience!

Heartlyn Rae: The Ultimate Podcast Experience!

Content Creators Heartlyn Rae featuring Alexis and Julia have been friends since the 1st grade. These inseparable best friends share a passion for creating comedy lifestyle content that showcases their wild and unpredictable daily adventures. Alexis and Julia bring their unique personalities to the forefront, inviting viewers to join in on the joyous chaos of their friendship. With an infectious blend of humor and authenticity. These two have taken the social media world by storm! With more than 7 million fans collectively across platforms and millions of impressions on their posts.


Congratulations on the success of your podcast, "Excuse My Friend"! What inspired you to start this podcast, and what topics do you typically cover?


Julia: Thank you so much! We have been best friends for as long as we can remember, and we've always had these hilarious, thought-provoking conversations about life, love, and everything in between. One day while we were having a conversation we realized that our discussions could resonate with so many other people out there. That is when we decided to start a podcast.


Alexis: From the first grade, our friendship has been a ton of shared experiences! Living under the same roof, we often find ourselves engrossed in late-night conversations, recounting the wild tales and romantic escapades that happen in our lives. One night we were like : why not capture these candid moments on mic? Perhaps other girls out there could relate to our adventures. It's a deeply personal way for our audience to get to know us, offering a glimpse into the intimacy of our friendship and the rollercoaster ride of our dating lives.


Can you share some highlights from those experiences and what it was like performing at such renowned events?


Julia: Some of our most memorable moments have been the incredible interviews we've conducted with a diverse range of guests, including reality stars, therapists, authors, body language experts, and many more. Our growing success has opened doors to exciting opportunities, such as attending red carpet events and exclusive industry gatherings. These experiences are a dream come true for both of us. The journey to this point has been a culmination of years of hard work. 


Alexis: Music and singing were our first passions long before social media. From our earliest years, we've been captivating audiences with our performances. While there have been countless memorable moments, one that stands out is our performance at Country Thunder, where the crowd's enthusiasm was like no other. There's simply no feeling quite like it! Equally gratifying is witnessing the happiness our parents experience as they watch us perform.


How has social media impacted your career, and what advice do you have for aspiring artists looking to build their online presence?


Julia: Social media has changed the way we navigate our careers, empowering us to take control of our destinies like never before. Gone are the days of waiting for someone else to recognize our potential and offer us a chance. With social media, we have the tools to create our own brand, carve out our own path to success, and build a dedicated fan base from the ground up. For us, the turning point came when our social media presence began to gain traction. Suddenly, we no longer needed to rely on the approval of gatekeepers in the industry. Instead, we could directly connect with our audience, share our creativity, and create our own success. My advice to aspiring artists is to stay true to your brand and aesthetic, and be relentless in your commitment to consistency. Post quality content every day, even if the views don't come immediately. Success on social media is a marathon, not a sprint. If a piece of content doesn't perform as expected, don't give up. Instead, be willing to experiment, refine, and adapt.


Alexis: Life's journey is truly unpredictable. If you had asked me a decade ago where I saw myself today, "social media" wouldn't have even crossed my mind. Yet, I'm so beyond grateful for how it has unfolded. Social media has opened doors to opportunities beyond my wildest imagination. It has brought me the gifts of freedom, flexibility, and boundless creativity. My advice to aspiring artists and creators would be to explore all avenues without hesitation. There's an audience out there for every niche. And amidst the inevitable hate comments, remember to brush them off. Developing resilience is key in this industry, and learning to navigate criticism is an invaluable skill. It's tough but it’ll get better.


Being best friends since the first grade must bring a unique dynamic to your partnership. How does your friendship influence your music and your podcast?


Julia: What sets us apart is the unique blend of personalities and viewpoints we bring to the table. While we may have contrasting opinions on certain topics, it's this diversity that adds depth and richness to our discussions. Our listeners benefit from not just one, but two distinct perspectives on a wide range of subjects, from the lighthearted to the thought-provoking. Our friendship is the foundation of our podcast. It's the driving force behind it. Through our shared experiences, laughter, and occasional disagreements, we hope to inspire our listeners to embrace the power of friendship.


Alexis: Our friendship is the heartbeat of everything we create. Many have attempted to forge a "dynamic duo," but few endure. What sets us apart is our genuine love and care for each other. Julia isn't just my friend; she's my closest confidant. Despite our differences, we complement each other like pieces of a puzzle. It's this bond that makes us the most successful in social media, music, and podcasting. I'm immensely grateful for the strength of our friendship.


Your country-pop style stands out in today's music scene. How do you infuse your own personalities and experiences into your music?


Julia: The kind of music that resonates with us is the kind that is fun. It's the music that lifts spirits, stirs emotions, and creates lasting memories. We both have such different personalities but music brings people together. Music brought us together. We aim to create fun light hearted music that you can turn up with friends, enjoy the moment, and forget about everything else. That's the vibe we aim for with our music. It's what helps us through tough times, and it's what we want to share.


Alexis: I think our song “drinks and dreams” is our personalities in a song. Most people don’t know this but our into and outdo to our podcast is us singing our song “drinks and dreams” the song is all about us having a good time and living for the dream and not the guy. That really is my motto. The right one will come eventually but until them I’m drinking and dreaming lol




With such a busy schedule, how do you balance your music career, podcasting, and personal lives?


Julia: Luckily there are two of us that we assign different tasks to do. But even with two of us, it can be a lot! But nothing worth having comes easy, and success takes hard work and long hours. We have a set schedule, and we love to do lists! But with a set schedule, we also have to allow for lots of flexibility because we get lots of last minute opportunities or invites to events. That’s how this industry is.  


Alexis: I'm genuinely passionate about what we do, so it rarely feels like "work" to me. However, we definitely put in the hours during the week, striving to accomplish our goals. Sundays, though, that’s designated as our chill days/cleaning/editing days. Personally, I thrive on staying busy; idle moments make me antsy and anxious. I'm one of those people who hates boredom—I'm constantly seeking new endeavors to keep me engaged and fulfilled.


How do you choose which songs to cover, and what's your process for creating original music?


Julia: We have a thoughtful process when selecting songs to cover. We pick ones we genuinely enjoy, ones we know resonate with people, and ones that are currently popular. As for creating original music, inspiration strikes in different ways. Sometimes, we intentionally sit down to write a song. Other times, ideas come out of the blue or are sparked by something someone says. It's a blend of intention and spontaneity that fuels our creative process.


Alexis: I select songs based on two key factors: ones that are sure to get the crowd up dancing with excitement, and those that showcase our vocal strengths. Personally, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to music and singing. I love harmonies, but if they're not spot-on, it can linger in my mind long after the performance. That's why I make sure to choose songs that I know will allow me to rest easy at night, knowing we delivered a good show.



What can fans expect from Heartlyn Rae in the near future? Any new projects or collaborations on the horizon?


Julia: Get ready to see a whole lot more of us. Our podcast is rapidly expanding, with thrilling new guests lined up to join us. Not only will our music be featured on the podcast, but we are also gearing up for a podcast tour that combines live music with engaging podcast sessions. 


Alexis: We have so many ideas and aspirations, with countless projects in the works and dreams. I have this quirk where I prefer not to share until everything is set in stone, so you'll just have to join us on our journey to witness where it takes us!


How do you handle criticism or negative feedback, especially in such a public-facing industry?


Julia: Negative comments and hate unfortunately come with the territory in this industry. It's a reality we accepted when we signed up for this journey. We knew from the start that criticism would be a significant aspect of it. Building a thick skin is important. It's tempting to read every comment, but sometimes it's better to avoid them altogether. As success grows, so does the volume of negative feedback. However, instead of letting it discourage you, view it as a sign that you're making waves and gaining more success.


Alexis: the inevitable hate comments—I've practically built up immunity to them over time. It's just part of what we do. It's truly mind-blowing how people can be so vicious, especially toward someone they've never even met. That's why I make a conscious effort to surround myself with positivity, sticking close to those who uplift and support me. At the end of the day, it's the love and encouragement from my inner circle that truly matters.



Finally, what message or emotion do you hope your music and podcast convey to your audience?


Julia: We aspire for our content to bring joy and upliftment, to be a source of laughter and positive vibes. Our aim is to create a fun atmosphere where you feel like a cherished member of our circle, where you can kick back, relax, and truly feel like you're one of us.


Alexis: My hope is that people see us as friends they can relate to, making it feel like a shared journey for all, not just Julia and me. We're laying it all out there—the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Ultimately, I want others to find solace in knowing they're not alone. If our wild lives can bring a smile to someone's face or evoke a laugh, then we've achieved our goal!


Heartlyn Rae: The Ultimate Podcast Experience!