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Heartthrob Cody Kearsley exclusive only with Ouch Magazine

Heartthrob Cody Kearsley exclusive only with Ouch Magazine


Photographer: Kyrani Kanavaros

Styling: Cheyenne Hoffman

Grooming: Nadia Hoecklin

Interview @ouchmagazineny


First of all congratulations on making it out alive in season one. 

Thank you! It's truly been a life-changing experience.


Was it difficult to grunt through all your scenes instead of talk?

It’s actually very fun and very liberating as an actor. It was a great exercise for me in exploring physicality and emoting without using my words.


 How did you prepare for your role?

I created a football playbook that started with my various plays, formations, and strategies, and then it turned into a military strategy guide for survival. I really explored what it would be like to survive in the apocalypse and what obstacles we would have to overcome. I also explored what it would be like, as a 17-year-old, to have the responsibility of running an entire army and having to protect everyone. I took a lot of inspiration from Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and Caligula in terms of being tyrannical or militant



Where is the show filmed?

We filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


You grew up in British Columbia, Canada so how was that experience?

BC is the best! I grew up in a place called Oliver and the forest was literally my back yard. I would

constantly see deer in my back yard and the occasional bear.


Turbo is so angry during the first season. What makes you mad in your real life?

I am pretty chill in real life. Anger is definitely one of the emotions I find it harder to connect with.

Although if people mess with the people I care about I can be protective. Also, people who harm animals.


How are you and Turbo different? How are you and Turbo alike?

I really like his determination and his commitment to pushing forwards even though times are tough. I resonate with this in my own life. I have a similar protective nature. I don'ts thankfully, have his jealousy or toxic masculinity. I also don't resort to violence usually. I think he has good intentions but poor coping mechanisms. I like to think I’m a bit more well adjusted than Turbo haha.



Who was your best buddy out of all the  Daybreak cast?

The cast was really great and we're all friends but I definitely spent the most time with Austin. He’s a gem.


Your body is fit. Can you share your workout routine?

I do high-intensity weight training 5 times a week. I also do yoga and try to keep active in BC with hiking or swimming when it’s warm out. Also plant-based, vegan diet!


Single or not Single?

Undisclosed ;)


Do you have any other projects you’d like to share with us for 2020?

I shot a sci-fi thriller with Bruce Willis in Georgia recently called “Breach” I’m also producing a couple plays with my theatre company Vagrant Players Theatre Society, and producing my first film with my production company Seventh Wolf Creative.


Where can fans reach out to you via social media?

Instagram: @codykearsley

Twitter: @kearsleycody

TikTok: @codykearsley