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Kerry Washington's young co-star Jordyn McIntosh on “UNPRISONED”

Kerry Washington's young co-star Jordyn McIntosh on “UNPRISONED”

Kerry Washington's young co-star Jordyn McIntosh on “UNPRISONED”

Photographer  Bella Saville

Photographer  Bella Saville

young actresJordyn McIntosh can arguably be described as the breakout series regular in the Onyx Collective comedy series “UNPRISONED”, opposite Emmy Winner Kerry Washington, NAACP Image Award Winner Delroy Lindo, and Marque Richardson (“Dear White People”). The series which now airs on Hulu, follows a messy yet perfectionist relationship therapist and a single mother (Washington), whose life is turned around when her father (Lindo) is released from prison and moves in with her and her teenage son.

Jordyn portrays seven-year-old “Little Paige”, who is the personification of adult Paige’s Inner Child. She is the part of Paige that is untouched by all that has happened in her life, including losing her mother, foster care, and having a father in prison. “Little Paige” appears regularly, speaking directly to Paige and the audience, with both humorous and incisive wisdom of the all-knowing child.

UNPRISONED was created by Tracy McMillian and was inspired by her own life. McMillan also serves as the executive producer. The series is produced by ABC Signature and will exclusively be streamed on Hulu in the U.S., Star+ in Latin America, and Disney+ in all other territories. 



Tell us about “Unprisoned” and can you describe your role in the series? 

I play Little Paige who is the inner child of Ms. Kerry Washington's character Paige.  I show up to say what's on her mind, and teach her some life lessons too! Sometimes that means using spicy language. 


How did you hear of this series and what drew you to it?

The audition came in from my agent.  As soon as I saw that Ms. Kerry Washington was part of the project, I knew I had to nail the audition. I really wanted to work with her!


How did you prepare for the role? 

First I had a hard time getting use to the spicy language, but my parents let me know I was just acting.  So, I let all my own frustrations show through Little Paige's character. 


What's it like off set? Do you have fun or is it a serious production? This cast is so much fun! 

We laugh, we joke, and we like to dance and make Tik Tok's.  Every time I see them, it is like being with family again.

Who's your favorite actor and why?

Both Ms. Kerry and Mr. Delory are AMAZING actors!  I enjoyed working with them so much.  I learned how to use different emotions in scenes.  Watching them work gave me so much confidence. 


Do you ever get nervous before an audition and even after? How do you cope? 

Sometimes I get nervous before auditions, but once I get into the zone and become the character, it goes away.  It is the confidence that helps me through the audition.


What makes you happy?

I am just a normal kid!  I love to sing, dance, play video games, and play with my friends. And oh yea, I love playing with my puppy Bruno!


What other projects should we watch out for that you'll be featured in? 

Currently working on a new movie, but I cannot wait to share more about it!


How can fans find you via social media?

You can find me on Instagram @thejordynmcintosh!  Please follow!