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The Ultimate Lovers Guide to Downloading Music

The Ultimate Lovers Guide to Downloading Music

Like a romcom these two lovers probably walked right past each other many times. They both came to LA in the mid 80’s looking for fame and fortune, following their dreams, playing in various bands thru the years.  A chance meeting turned into a beautiful collaboration of life and music. John Arthur Bigham and Christine Rosander make love inspired music. They are… The Greatest Lovers

Photographer:@Tommy_Flanagan        @thegreatestloversmusic 


How did you come up with your duo name?

How did you both meet?

We met through our mutual publicist Jill Kettles, Miss Jill PR.I was doing a show at Hotel Café in Hollywood and Jill had come to town to support me. All week Jill had been talking about different clients she had in Los Angeles and had mentioned John and some other clients she wanted to get together with while here. She invited John to my show, but he also had a gig that night at L’ermitage in Beverly Hills. The next morning after the gig Jill said she wanted to spend more time with me and asked if I would go to lunch with her, she was meeting John. I was happy to go, and she asked John if it was okay to bring me along and he said yes! Immediately we hit it off and had a great conversation at lunch. Jill had it in mind we would do some music together, but I think that didn’t really occur to either of us and we both just found each other interesting and felt chemistry. That was a Monday and by Friday we went out for drinks!


Christine: “Our duo name came to me in a dream”.One night while I was lying in bed, kind of still half dreaming and half thinking, I found myself asking about the greatest lovers throughout history.


Did they somehow feel more than we do now?

What was behind the spark connecting their souls that made the tales of their love worth retelling years, decades, even centuries later.Love, true love, certainly does live forever, but what is it about their love that transcends time and space?


Creating music is the way we communicate with ourselves and connect to something higher. Perhaps this is the gateway to love! It certainly has been for me and John, through the happenstance of our paths crossing, at just the right time!”


Were you in need of something like this or did you feel that people needed this right now?

A little of both, singing together, supporting each other’s projects has been a thrill, but we never expected the wellspring of “heal your soul” music that was rippling beneath the surface within both of us!


What makes a great love song and why?

A great love song touches your emotions with something we all can relate to, like a first kiss, and comes from a real experience, that’s always the most powerful. Our love songwriting began with a push and pull, like a current. The inspiration would arise in one or the other, but then, so would our walls to protect vulnerability. But just like water wears away at rocky coastlines, so did the walls come down to create our love inspired songs.The music flowed between us, and it became hard to distinguish John’s voice from mine! We melded together so seamlessly; it can be hard to describe the feeling of being swept away into a divinely designed flow of creativity until you’ve experienced it.


Thankfully, we managed to capture these waves of love and healing and channel them into our music. The floodgates opened and we found not only greater love for each other, but also ‘The Greatest Lovers.’ Our new group has generated love inspired songs allowing us to share the glow of love with you!

It’s hard to narrow them down to 3! Here’s 4 and we could name so many more who could be in the top!

Nina Simone, Rickie Lee Jones, Serge Gainsbourg, Quincy Jones


What is your favorite song that you've produced?

I Like the Sound of This is our favorite song we’ve produced because it has all the southern California energy that lovers around the world would enjoy. It’s about a romantic day spent together on the beach. It reaches into our jazz roots to create a dreamy bossa nova feel.


Who is the ideal "The Greatest Lovers" fan and buyer of this music?

Lovers of love, romance and passion! Love is the greatest, most powerful emotion and everyone wants to experience it.


Do you have a name for your fan?

Music Lovers


What can we expect from "The Greatest Lovers" in 2023?

We plan to take our music to the city of lovers, Paris, France and the rest of the world!