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Kierston Wareing’s UK Rising Stars

Kierston Wareing’s UK Rising Stars


Photographer Chris Yates/ Alamy

 Please, can you let me know what role you play in this exciting film?

I play Kathy who is a nurse and married to a cab driver. Both of them are leading normal lives and are in a solid marriage.

 How did you prepare yourself for this role?

I didn't feel I needed to do much preparation for this role as it is stated that Kathy is a nurse but no medical terms were mentioned in the script. I did, however, listen to the director who wanted our relationship to come across as a solid, supportive marriage, so during every scene I kept that thought in the back of my mind - that I support and love my husband - even if that particular scene was just a simple walking down the road together, for example.

How different are you from your character and how much the same are you? I suppose a major difference is that I have never been married, but there are probably a few similarities personality-wise. I hope I’m as supportive and caring a person as Kathy. I definitely try to be.  

How did you discover your talent as an actress?

I always did well in Drama compared to other subjects at school. I knew I wanted to act since the age of 7. I ended up going to private L.A.M.D.Classes at a young age entered into local drama festivals, which I excelled at.

 What the most difficult things about being an actress?

I haven’t really found anything too difficult yet regarding performing, however, I have found the other side of the business more of a challenge! Press and promotion isn’t something you cover at drama school so you just have to learn about it on the job.

 Who inspired you?

From a young age, I used to read up about Jodie Foster and her career. I just remember thinking what a natural and talented actress she was, which I still think today. Jodie definitely inspired me to act and I’ve always loved her work.

What other projects do you have lined up for 2017?

I have an Irish film coming out called 'Cardboard Gangsters' and an Italian film called 'The Habit of Beauty'. I’m currently in discussions with a few future projects.