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Levi Meaden SyFy's "Aftermath" Must See Tv Show

Levi Meaden SyFy's "Aftermath" Must See Tv Show

In “Aftermath,” Levi stars as the son of James Tupper and Anne Heche’s character. The series follows their family as they battle for survival when civilization comes to an apocalyptic end, triggered by massive storms, meteor strikes, earthquakes, a plague – and the rise of supernatural creatures.

Photography by Katya Tsyganova  

Interview @ouchmagazine 

How did it feel to be part of the Netflix family when you appeared on The Killing?

I was a huge fan of House of Cards and I loved that they had brought Arrested Development back! At that same time, Netflix had not quite become the powerhouse that they currently are. I could see what they were doing with serial storytelling and was excited to be a part of it. Add to the fact that I had been a fan of The Killing for years and I guess you could describe my feeling as ecstatic with a touch of incredibility.

Why were you drawn you to this role on Aftermath?

I am a huge fan of science fiction and specifically the Apocalyptic genre. I grew up with it. So when something came along that would allow me to play in that sort of world, I instantly got interested. With the sheer amount of insanity that Aftermath offers in its end of the world scenario, I thought there would be some fun to be had, especially since it does not take itself so seriously all the time.

 Can you briefly explain your role and why you felt this was a great fit for you as a young actor?

Matt is a young ex-football star with a military mother, he is trying to find his place in the world after leaving a sport that gave him an identity and not follow in the footpath is mother laid out. When the end of the world happens, he is confused, angry and has a lot of ethical dilemmas he is not yet prepared to face. He has to grow up real fast while trying to protect his family above all else. I was looking for a character to develop over a long period, something that’s theater allows but is rare in film. Working that long to find the ins and outs of a character really allows your imagination to flourish. Having Anne Heche and James Tupper there to learn from certainly helped too. Both have such keen instincts and I learned how much I sometimes miss focusing on my own performance instead of the story as a whole.

What is your favorite movie ever and why?

Sunset Blvd. I am a huge movie nerd so I get asked this a lot, finally, I had to sit down and figure out which movie I could watch forever yet still found to be historically important. Sunset Blvd. Was the ultimate answer. There is a texture to the film the film that is unmatched, performances that are etched in pop cultures memory forever, and a portrayal of Hollywood and the movie industry that is timeless.

 Where do you call home and where is your favorite city or country to visit?

I still call Vancouver home at the point. I would say that my favorite country to visit in Germany, specifically Berlin. Amazing city. Amazing people.

 Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook, which social media do you enjoy the best?

Snapchat. A lot gets lost in translation with texts, especially sarcasm. If I can attach a facial expression with the message things run a lot more smoothly. To hell with those filters though, especially the dog one.

The holidays are approaching. First of all, can you cook? If so, what?

Ha. I supported myself for years as a line cook (my mother always said I needed a trade skill if I was gonna be in entertainment. I chose my hobby idiot). I could do a turkey, a ham, a real mean roast beef. What does the fam want?

Do you enjoy going out or staying in?

There is a time for both. Give me a bottle of wine and Turner Classic Movies I am happy. But sometimes you need to blow off steam, and a good night out with friends is the best was to do that.

Who is your Hollywood idol if you had to pick?

Several: Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman, Viggo Mortensen... I should stop myself now before this list gets too long.

 What can we expect from you in 2017 and do you have any last words for our readers and fans?

Next up will be Pacific Rim 2 and with any luck another season of Aftermath! A movie called InControl should be hitting the festivals soon and I am hoping to fit one more project in.