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Model and Actress Sabina Mach


Photographer: Sara Katz 

Hair/Makeup: Mia Xu

Creative Director/Stylist: Jane Katz

Sabina Mach can be seen in the action/sci-Fi feature film  opposite Steven Seagal.  She also landed supporting roles in crime drama movie LA RUSH starring Elijah Wood, and the femme fatale with Hilary Swank.   Her unique ethnically ambiguous look has led to success modeling for Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, and Guess.  It has also led to success in in music videos where she has worked with artists like Halsey and Post Malone.

What’s the best compliment you’ve had regarding your work, performance?

I might not show it, but compliments mean a lot to me, it makes me stronger. And even a small remark inspires me to work so much harder. If you just ask me, I’ll take your suggestion and will make it happen.I’ve done my own stunts for the projects, and after getting a trauma on set, I powered through it. I finished up filming the stunt scenes and the rest of the project. I want to do everything myself, because I believe with the power and desire to learn something, we can do most things ourselves. Nothing more exciting than learning new or mastering an old skill. Parts where extra training before filming is required are my favorite. I’m fearless. The nicest compliment I got despite being around seasoned actors who’ve been in the business for over 30+ years - among them all I owned the scene and stood out the most, making the scene mine. 

What is your dream role and project? What are future plans? 

Speaking of dream roles, playing real life people, delving into the past, and parts where I have to learn a new skill, are especially enticing to me: like playing a circus performer, a ballet dancer, a skier, or a girl, who lives in a small rural town, on a ranch or alone in the woods, or in an abandoned castle. I’ll be going back to London to work on more of those type of historical, classical projects. I’m very found of movies like “The Piano”, “The Other Boleyn Girl”, “Dangerous Beauty” and I can go on. I do know that’s when I’ll truly shine.  I always believed that everything happens for a reason. I secretly always wanted to sing. As a kid I listened to Avril Lavigne on repeat. And I always knew that I would write music, play instruments and sing. It’s been so long ago that I’ve had that dream that I almost forgot about it. Being on set with other artists like Post Malone, Halsey, Blondie and others reminded me about my childhood dream. I accidentally recorded a song and it turned out fabulous. I’ve never gotten so many compliments in my life about anything I’ve done! Right now, I'm most proud of my upcoming music, it’s a whole new adventure for me. 


What is the most challenging incident that happened to you on set?

And how did you deal with it? When you are starting out, everyone is always psyching you out, how hard it is and how prepared you need to be. So, I’ve always over prepared to the point of knowing everyone’s lines and have researched every little detail for projects. Imagine my disbelief and shock when I’ve seen unprepared actors, who have been in the business for years, having the time of their lives not even touching the script before they came to set. And at the same it was the most challenging, I had to lead a bunch of adult, veteran actors through the scenes. I love being in front of the camera and giving different takes, and ways to play the same scene, finding the deep meaning below the surface of the text. And it is very challenging when you want to show more, but you get 2 takes and you are done, because I always come prepared, like a 2 take wonder. While the struggling on set actors get a million takes and waste everyone’s time because they are seasoned yet unprepared. 

How would you describe yourself (to people who don’t know you?

Depending on my mood and my surroundings, I can be very different. I’m very social and will enjoy having a heart to heart with a stranger. I see myself in you. I want to know your life story, why you are the way you are. What makes you happy, who hurt you, what do you worry about at night. I love expressing my emotions and I feel people’s energy. I am very empathetic. I know the intention behind people’s words, so acting is second nature to me. I feel most comfortable when I am in front of a camera or in a large group of people. I prefer playing a character, becoming one with that person. Once I dress for the part, I believe I am someone else and forget about being myself. I am not performing, just being. I'm a team player, I want everyone to succeed because if everyone is thriving then so am I. I'm patient, I don't argue, which makes me easy to work with. I think we have the same goal just to be happy. I think every stranger is my friend, and that’s why I want to help everyone. I trust easily, and can’t stand liars because they leave me heartbroken.


What are your best quality and worst default, how do they relate to your work? How do you turn your defaults around and how do you make the best use of your qualities?

I am a team player; I would much rather lead a group and have us inspire each other than be on my own. If everyone is thriving then so am I, I aspire for everyone to succeed and my patience makes me easy to work with. Except with myself as I am hard on myself.As I live by the thought that we all share the same goal of being happy, I trust people easily which leaves me disappointed in the case people aren’t true to their words and say something they don’t mean. I take things personally and strive to help everyone and even though I don’t always get the same treatment, I embrace my weaknesses. I am a person of routine, I get attached easily and think every stranger is a friend. This leads to me being heartbroken quite often as I experience and show emotion stronger than most. However, the best you can do is turn a downfall into something positive. If I find myself down - I cry, then adopt a new pet and move on.