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Aleks Paunovic  Musician and Actor

Aleks Paunovic Musician and Actor

Photography by Brendan Meadows

Aleks Paunovic portrays Breachman Boscovic in TNT’s Snowpiercer opposite Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs. Other good news he’s a musician  in the band “Specula Black,”  remastered their songs recorded 30 years ago and just released on Spotify.



 What came first music or acting/If you had to give one up which one would you and why?

Great to chat with you guys!! Love your Magazine! Top notch! For me music came first, but come on, that’s a tough question. Tough one right off the bat huh? Lol. This is obviously hypothetical... so I say music is what I can live without. I love working and creating in film and television but come on! No way Even hypothetical I can’t do it, I can’t give up music! No way! Can’t do it, Lol. 


TNT’s Snowpiercer show I would love to know where you film? How's the vibe on set?

We film in Vancouver Canada. What I love about the show and the vibe of the show is that it’s inundated with insanely talented people. The cast is from all over the world. People I admire. I’m just stoked to be a part of the show. The vibe is nothing but love and creativity. 


Aleks Paunovic  x ouch magazine

How do you stay humble and focus? How did you get through 2020 staying sane?

We all have our struggles but the thing that I keep going back to is how lucky I am to make a great living doing something I love. How can you be any other way but grateful? Now about the insanity of 2020, well, that’s just next level. I tried to find like minded people that found a way to stay productive. We would zoom and talk about goals for the week. It held me accountable, but there were definitely ups and downs. Know your friends because those are the ones that show up when you need a lift. Those kinda friends are lifers. 



What are the top 5 songs or artists you have in your music library?


*Specula Black 


*Toque with Todd Kerns & Brent Fitz 

*Iron Maiden 

*Foo Fighters 


Specula Black is the metal band I was in 30 years ago. We recorded some demos but the band broke up so it’s just been on a shelf collecting dust. But my good friend and showrunner for Van Helsing Jon Walker asked if my band had a song for one of the scenes in Season 5. I jumped at it, talked to the guys in the old band , we remastered 5 songs and BAM! We put it up on Spotify and all other streaming platforms AND are fortunate to be on the Van Helsing soundtrack! The boys in the band are so stoked! So go listen to some old school metal! 


What can we expect for your character in Snowpiecer in 2021 any spoilers?

I can’t give you any spoilers! I wanna keep my job, Lol. But I will tell you if you liked the first season, season two will blow you away! My character Boki goes through some adventures this season. I’m very proud and excited for the world to see season 2 of Snowpiercer.


What's your workout routine? How do you stay fit?

HITT training and boxing usually keeps me on point. Realizing the older I get there are more efficient ways to keep in shape. The key is to keep learning and always be a student. 


Do you write music if so which song? If not do you think you'd like to?

Specula Black! My fav song from the band is called Autumn Skies. But in all honesty, 



What's a day like in your shows from morning to night?

To make something great in this industry takes time. Think about it, doing an hour show takes about 6 or 7 12-15 hour days! There has to be a lot of patiences and focus. It’s not for some people. As a good buddy said, and I love this quote… Patience is Passion. I love what I do. I’m passionate about it. So I’m along for the ride no matter how long it takes cause I love it. Also, a good lunch that feeds this big guy. Catering rocks! 


Well, we made it,  it's 2021. What projects should we look out for from you?

Well, as I’m talking to you right now I’m at an airport ready to head to a destination that will have me there for a few months and I couldn’t be more excited! Can’t say anything about it but when I can..OOOO 

You are Gonna Know It! 


How can and reach out to you via social?

Aleks Paunovic Fan-page on Facebook. 

@alekspaun on Instagram/ Twitter/, TixTok. 


Thanks for a killer chat!