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One to Watch Actress Caitlin Shorey

One to Watch Actress Caitlin Shorey

Congrats on making your television debut in "The Time Traveler's Wife,” how did you come across the project?  What's your character role and are you similar to her? 

Thank you! I was given the audition from my agents at Take 3 Talent. I really liked the sides from the self tape and was excited to audition.  I was lucky enough to book the role of Young Clare Abshire from the ages of 9-14. Clare and I have a lot in common. She is an artist and I love to draw. We also are strong willed and smart. 

Ok I am a little jealous you have worked with actor Theo James. How was that and what other actors have you been blessed to work with so far?

Working with Theo James was a joy. He was very easy to work with and we both like Harry Potter. He does an amazing Voldemort impression. I got to chat with Rose Leslie on set and she gave me some good tips on playing Clare. I also got to work with Michael Park who was a huge help on my first day on set. 

Who's your ultimate co-star for a future project? 

I would love to work with Zendaya. I think she is great!

What inspires you in life?

That would be my mother. She was my biggest inspiration and supporter. She taught that even through the toughest times you can still be positive and accomplish great things. She passed away in July from Metastatic Breast Cancer and until her last day she fought to do everything for her family. 

Is acting your first love? Do you have any hobbies or other hidden talents you'd like to share with fans?

I think my first love was actually singing and my passion for acting came later. I like to draw mostly people and anime.’

What do you enjoy about being a young Hollywood actress?

Being an actress who lives in Central Pennsylvania, I get the chance to work on some really cool projects. I love everything about acting and being on set. 

What's your personal style?

I have a pretty casual style. I like the idea of wearing whatever feels good for the day, maybe a dress one day and sweats and a T shirt on another. 

Do you have any other upcoming projects that we can be on the lookout for?

I am excited to make my feature film debut later this year in Netflix’s "Mr. Harrigan's Phone." It’s an adaptation of a Stephen King short story produced by Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy.

How can fans follow you and support your projects via social media?

You can follow me on IG @caitlinmaerashorey

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