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One to Watch Actress Kimberly-Sue Murray

One to Watch Actress Kimberly-Sue Murray


Photographer Kristina Ruddick

 What's the most exciting thing about starting a new series that can go on to be as big as the Walking Dead or Game of Thrones? 

I’ve been doing episodic work for a decade and I was so ready to work on an arc, build a character and develop relationships. Being a day player is hard because you don’t get to feel like you’re part of the family. I got a taste of this working on Shadowhunters and I was so disappointed when the show got canceled, but then V Wars came my way and I got another shot at it. Danika and I are on this journey together. We’ve both grown so much and hopefully, that continues. I love our creative team and our cast and crew and I think that’s what makes for a good show, everyone is giving 200%. I’m also really excited to share the show with the world and engage with fans. 


 Had you always wanted to be in a supernatural type series?

Yes, absolutely, I love the magic of it all. The supernatural and fantasy genres are definitely a favorite of mine. I grew up watching Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, True Blood and most recently Game of Thrones. As actors, we get to experience a different reality and take the audience along for the ride. I lose myself on set as much as I do watch those shows. 


 How long have you been an actor? Where did you train or did you? 

I started my professional career after graduating from theatre school at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada. I was 21 when I booked my first gig. I also attended the Canadian Film Centre’s Actors Conservatory in 2011, which is where I got all my film/TV training. It was a wonderful program that helped to break into the Toronto scene. 


How did you prepare yourself for each role? Any good luck rituals?

I used to Larry Moss the sh*t out of all my roles hahaha. My best friend and I, while in theatre school, loved Larry Moss’ book the “Intent to Live”. I still use it to prep for roles depending on how much prep time I have. It’s all about knowing your character inside out so that you’re living it as opposed to acting it if that makes any sense. When I have no time to prep I rely on my instincts and fully commit to the circumstances and the world in which the character lives. I don’t worry about looking like a fool. I make choices and if they’re the wrong ones you find out pretty quickly and you adjust. Connecting with your scene partner is crucial. You can prepare all you want, but if you’re not present with your scene partner, it just falls flat on its face. I could talk about acting all day! 


Are you guys going to Comic-Con 2020? 

I want to!!! I don’t know what the plan is, but if fans voice their desire to see us there then there’s always a possibility. Let’s make it happen! 


This looks like a huge crew. Who’s your BFF on set? 

I have a soft spot for Adrian Holmes. He’s such a kind and generous actor and human being! Most of my scenes were with him, so I got to know him really well, but we all get along. We’re a good bunch of people. 


Do you have any hidden talents besides being an actress? 

I’m very crafty. I knit, crochet, weave, and macrame. I like marking stuff with my hands. I’m often YouTubing tutorials and I have a million little home projects on the go. Also, my dad’s in construction, so I grew up watching him break things to then fix them. I have a similar approach. There’s nothing I can’t make. 


 What else can we look for that you will be in 2020? 

I’m currently working on a Canadian series that is premiering in the Spring. It hasn’t been announced yet, so I can’t give any details, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s the polar opposite of V Wars. I’ve had to shift gears for this one. 


How can fans reach out to you via social media? 

Fans can follow me on Instagram or Twitter @KSueMurray. 


How active are you on your social media accounts? 

Photography is a passion of mine, so I’m way more active on Instagram. I’m an over-sharer hahaha However, I do love how easy it is to connect with fans on Twitter. I just wish I were more witty and concise. I get intimidated by Twitter’s 280 character limit. 


Any last words for fans about the V-Wars series? 

Let‘s get a second season!!!! Please spread the love. Watch, review and talk about V Wars. Come chat with us online, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the show.